Want to help out? We're looking for more moderators! Application inside.

Hey all,

/r/pcgaming is growing faster than ever! As a result, we need extra people to handle the workload.

We’re currently looking for full-time moderators to cover all time zones but especially those between 6PM ET(10PM UTC) to 8AM ET(12PM UTC).

We’re going to keep recruitment open until the 25th of August. You can find the application [here](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17oN89Kc5Of8HjBTIV-Ugg-2lQCU2Cr0tFLyY8SyFRq4/edit)
######Responsibilities of a /r/pcgaming moderator include:

* Monitoring the Hot and New section and mod queue to ensure all content follows our rules and posting standards.

* Responding to mod mail messages.

* Monitoring the comments of hot topics.


* Be a Redditor in good standing for at least a year with a verified email account.

* Have access to a computer while moderating. We use Moderator Toolbox and Reddit Enhancement Suite. The apps available for mobile lack the features needed to effectlvely moderate.

* Have Discord. This is our main form of communicating. All moderators must have an account.

* Be active. We are looking for full-time moderators. If you can only moderate a couple hours a week, please do not apply. If you are looking to be a member of the team in a more limited capacity, check out our new Comment Only Program – or COP.

######**C**omment **O**nly **P**rogram

/r/pcgaming is so large and active that we need help to monitor the comment sections and ensure our rules are followed. Taking a page from /r/games, we’re going to be trying a new program of having moderators with limited permissions who will approve/remove comments, create user notes to keep track of violations, and escalate problem users to the mod team. This is perfect for those of you who want to make the community better but only have a limited amount of time to help out.

######Requirements to be a COP:

* Be a Redditor in good standing for at least six months with a verified email.

* Have access to Discord to escalate situations to the mod team.

* Have no significant infractions on this subreddit.

* Commit to taking 75 comment actions per month. This is easily achievable with the size and activity of this subreddit.

Any questions, please post them below. We’ll keep everyone updated on the process as we go through it.

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15 thoughts on “Want to help out? We’re looking for more moderators! Application inside.”

  1. First of all Good Luck as it’s a hard process to select *Randoms* to know they’ll follow your rules instead of being power drunk to enforce their *”version”* of rules instead as seen this on some other subs and this makes me always worry about such announcements. Also good luck to whom would be chosen as it’s a *”Great Responsibility”* to do so just having time to do it won’t suffice.

    “Requirements to be a COP” is a funny word play as you’re looking ones to *”Police”* the threads with lesser privileges to lift off Mods workload on the sub. While it could be what you’re looking for, it could also gone haywire as it’s something **new** as well as untested where your group could grow beyond your control easily so be careful please as their actions should be *”overseen”* by Mods for a while to ensure they behave like you wanted them to be.

    While not interested in either and wishing you good luck again, hoping this won’t mean *”Message The Moderators”* won’t be defunct from now on because have been using it ever since joined here to report *”unnoticed”* out of your `Rules` posts for your re-evaluation for positive or negative outcome. Also hoping you have a “Tutorial” for the newcomer with some selected *”vague”* posts (~50% against rules, ~50% within rules) so to show them where /r/PCGaming line stands.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I like this sub and for the most part I like how it’s run but personally I think you should be trying to avoid ‘too many cooks’ syndrome. This is something that plagues a lot of subreddits and causes problems, you’ve already got ~20 mods. Now obviously I don’t have access to your logs but if they’re all somewhat active that shouldn’t be lacking even for a sub this size. There aren’t *that* many threads that get a ton of activity.

    In any case, hopefully the people you get are up for it.

  3. I applied to be a moderator a few months ago when you folks were seeking nighttime moderators. I never heard back, and it looks like (according to the mod list) that nobody was selected. Is my application from then still in consideration?

  4. Hey, a question about the COP program: You still need to always have RES and Toolbox, right? Asking because I mostly use Reddit on Mobile.

  5. Hey, Slightly off topic but is there any interest in doing a sidebar upcoming game/recently released game box?? Similar to r/NintendoSwitch?


    Seriously, I need this 🙂

  6. I would apply but I am not on the “Epic Bad” train….

    EDIT: thanks for the downvotes…..it just proves my point even more.

  7. I wanna be a mod. Ill clean up all this anti epic rhetoric and whip these kids into real adults. The mod team is already /Fuckepic/ supporters, you need people that realize it’s all bullshit.

  8. Hey, I have 2 questions:

    First. Is RES a mandatory extension? I use Toolbox but not RES and I don’t really intend on using it since I feel like it clutters the site too much.

    Second. Do you need to be active on the subreddit in order to apply? I don’t think I’ve ever commented or made a post here since I am mostly a lurker on Reddit in general, I don’t comment or post a lot, I’ve been on the sub for a few months now but mostly just checking the posts and comments and not taking part in the discussions a whole lot.

    Thank you!

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