21 thoughts on “Wanted to try out minimalism, starting with Spider-Man [OC]”

  1. nice and slick! My only criticism is that it looks like he’s in a canyon rather than a city, looks great though!

  2. I feel like if you’re going to use a minimalist style, then the subject that the image is based on should be easily conveyed through the art instead of having a title plastered across the top of the image.

    I’ve seen a lot of “minimalist” posters in this exact same art style lately, what YTer made a photoshop video on making these? lmao

  3. I would add at least a darker red tone, if you don’t want to do blue, for the costume webbing and to give the buildings definition. If you didn’t have the name across I’d think it was either Deadpool or Daredevil looking at the thumbnail.

  4. I think the city could be done better. I had to make the connection between spider-man and the city he swings around before I knew what was going on.
    First I thought there was some kind of stalactite thing he was swinging away from, then that he was in some kinda canyon like the other guy said, and then I got the “Oh duh. Spider-man” moment.
    Maybe something like darkening the buildings further to the background, individually?
    It’d add depth and make it intuitive to the viewer that each building is it’s own separate thing.

    Maybe even a gradient on the road, adding more depth and highlighting further the horizon.
    I don’t know about this. Spidey looks cool but minimalism doesn’t really have to be so empty.

  5. Too much of an empty space at the bottom the image, you could try to balance out spiderman by putting buildings with rows of white windows on the place where you put mountains(?).

  6. My dumbass was like… “This is cool, but I don’t get the pyramids… why is one upside down?”

    Then I processed that those were buildings lining each side.

    Fuck I’m dumb.

  7. And we love it 😀

    Keep going

    Request: if you make it the iPhone XS size, without the Marvel logo, I’ll use it as my wallpaper 😜

  8. Ehh I’ve seen these are popping up on reddit now. Too simple for my taste. Everything just looks too monotone

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