35 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion is confirmed to be the next Watch Dogs title.”

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  2. I actually don’t know how they keep those going given the reception the Watch Dogs titles keep getting. Watch Dog 1 was a complete disappointment and the geneses of the whole “Ubisoft Downgrade” meme while Watch Dog 2 sold 80% less than its predecessor (in the UK).

    I honestly thought it would kill Ubisoft’s undying will to milk franchises to death.

  3. Saw the logo and thought MKBHD was about to tell me about some cool tech. Was kinda dissapointed, but at the same time, I’m hoping this next game is great. 2 was a big improvement over 1, and I’m hoping it just gets that much better again. Maybe this time having cars that drive instead of the weird thing they had for the last 2 games that they passed as “realistic driving physics”.

  4. I’m afraid to say it, but Ubisoft is now one of my favourite publishers.

    They revived Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Siege, didn’t give up on For Honor… While I didn’t like either Watch_Dogs, I’m excited about it just because it’s them.

  5. I had a hard time enjoying the second game, I hope this one can bring something new and exciting to keep me interested in it for more than 4 hours.

  6. Yo. I bought Watch Dogs 1 and 2 at the same time a couple weeks back and I can’t for the life of me bring myself to play past like the 4th mission in the first game. It’s so goddamn repetitive!!! IDK why GTA V was so fun but Watch Dogs is utterly boring. IDK if 2 is the same but I suspect it is.

  7. I hope it just not a copy paste of WD 2 with a lil bit improvement. WD 2 was awesome, way much better than WD 1. But its Ubi.

  8. Great! I can’t wait to see how little changes Ubisoft has made this time and how similar it will be to the previous two 😀

  9. It’s going to have an online invasion mechanic where other players can hack NPCs in your game, calling it now.

  10. I hope they fix the Narrative-dissidents of hackers getting away with mass murder like it was a sunday sandwich.

  11. Couldn’t even play the second for more than a few hours, because it was so fucking cringeworthy. Hopefully they toned that shit down.

  12. As fun as the games are, they need to put cool down timers in place for the special NPC encounters.

    You tend to see the same ones over and over and the world seems less alive because of it.

  13. Wow came out with Legion, Path of Exile came out with Legion… Now Watch Dogs? fucking get original god damnit!

  14. …. i thought the first one was so trash I didn’t pickup the second. Now they made a third!? Also won’t be picking up.

  15. Do people actually enjoy these games?

    I played through all of WD1 and thought it was mediocre.
    I played maybe 10 hours of WD2 and just got bored of the shit writing, mediocre gameplay and awful world.

    There are just so many better open world 3ps games imo.

  16. And if it comes out November 5th I’ll laugh my fucking ass off. It’s a Tuesday.

    Remember remember…

  17. I really enjoyed Watch Dogs 2, probably one of my favorite games from the past few years. My only gripe with the game is that the story could be so much more in-depth than it is. I never really got bored from playing 2 which is rare these days. Can’t wait for the next one.

  18. WD2 is one of my favorite games Ive played in a good while, so I’m crazy hype for this. The one thing that needs to happen is improved performance on all platforms ~~but then again its Ubisoft~~

  19. I know you can complete WD2 as a pacifist but the game wasn’t really designed for that, imo. The ONLY non lethal option, aside from some hacking, is the taser. Melee kills, blowing the sewage killed so that was no go for a pacifist run. Civilians might accidentally jump in front of your car.

    I feel like the game was designed more for killing. You get better gadgets and weapons for that.

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