42 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion will be set in a ‘post-Brexit’ dystopian London”

  1. Ah Ubisoft. The one place that makes video games that arent meant for enjoyment. Last Ubisoft game I bought was Batman Beyond on GBC.

  2. Ubisoft never really does much with politics aside from exploitative references. Wish they’d take the leap. Games as art, yknow

  3. The setting is super interesting. It brings “V for Vendetta” to mind, also a dystopian British reality.

    It’s a bit risky subject though. I like how Ubisoft games have politics in them but they’re not really political and don’t try to comment on the real world. With Brexit it might be difficult, but I trust and hope they’ll use it merely as the base setting of the world.

  4. As long as it’s not overtly partisan I’m interested to see how they handle the setting, but given how woke Ubisoft supposedly are based on previous internal leaks and employee accounts I suspect they’re gonna go the full ‘Brexit Bad, Becomes Catalyst for Dystopian Nightmare’ route. I’ll hold my breath though… Once again…

  5. “post-Brexit London”

    I thought Watch Dogs was supposed to be set in a somewhat believable near future, and not a complete fantasy land.

  6. So, this is the first Ubisoft game that explicitly takes place in the same place as a previous one, right? I mean, the same setting as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate? It would be awesome if they had at least a few easter-eggs where you could see traces of the Frye twins’ actions.

  7. Wow, this sub is seriously leaning in the pro brexit direction.

    Not me, brexit is shit. So if the game is anti-brexit it already has earned some favors with me, but that won’t be enough to make me buy it. Even if the game was pro-brexit, if they did it in a way that made sense I wouldn’t automatically cross it off my list.

    That said, I’ve not bought or played the previous two titles of this series. Hopefully they pulled the same thing here that they did with the last two Assassins Creed games. Then it’ll be a purchase for sure.

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  9. Lol this thread is getting way to worked up and running with this “politics and propaganda in muh games” thing.

    This is Ubisoft, people who make the safest, by-the-numbers, non-risky AAA games on the market. You guys are can’t possibly think Ubisoft is gonna take a hard political stance and potentially ruin their brand and franchise ala BFV.

    Remember Far Cry 5? People on the internet (a lot of people in this sub no less) were crying over “but-but-muh politics!” from the trailer, only for the game to release and it wasn’t even remotely political and had literally nothing to say. Im sure you can expect the same here, you guys will be fine…

  10. Politics aside, I think it’ll be a great setting for Watch Dogs. I loved the design for Chicago in the first one but WD2 didn’t appeal to me at all. I hope they bring back the feel of the first game. Grim and rainy, just how I like it.

  11. Everyone losing there minds over *ugh politics in MY vidya* but I’d love to see more games take this risky approach to setting. At the end of the day, it’s a work of fiction

  12. I wonder if they will discover a huge pedophile ring and then do nothing about it. There’s some political gameplay for ya.

  13. Personally I think there is room for politics in gaming. Especially when this is obviously going to be a heavily fictionalized version of events only loosely based on actual events.

    However despite this I doubt Ubisoft are gonna try and say anything with this premise and it will likely be incredibly hollow just like Far Cry 5 is.

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