47 thoughts on “Watch Dogs was underrated”

  1. I concur. WD2 was better that the first one.

    I’m looking forward to the next release. I hear it takes place in London.

  2. Not at all the combat was eh okay i guess, but the overall premise and promises we heard for the game was just not true

  3. No mans sky started as ass… then sorta redeemed itself. But watchdogs… that game is hot garbage covered in chili cheese fry vomit.

  4. Watch Dogs helped me realize just because I’d spent $60 on a game, and I’m not enjoying it, I don’t have to force myself to beat it.

  5. I adored watchdogs tbh, the atmosphere and aesthetic were amazing tbh, and the gameplay (while imperfect) was fun and fairly original in a lot of ways

  6. Probably the worst port from console to PC I’ve ever played. Completely turned me off the franchise forever.

  7. Game was fun, but the whole “scandal” with the graphics hurt the game a lot. The crappy story and the boring lead character didn’t help much either, but the gameplay itself was a ton of fun.

  8. Unpopular opinion but I fucking loved this game. It was honestly the first game I ever went out of my way to platinum on PS4 because I liked it so much. I don’t know.. watching open world games evolve over the years, this was the first time that something really unique had been done in my eyes. The driving was complete shit, I’ll admit that.

    The multiplayer aspect really scratched a weird itch for me. I liked being able to hack into people’s games where you’d just have to hide from them in a certain radius on there map somewhere and it was always randomized. The circle would then get smaller and smaller, Fortnite style until they either found you and tried to kill you or they just didn’t find you. The suspense was great!

    I was eventually able to find a spot where I could hide and 99% of the time they wouldn’t be able to find me.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents.

  9. No it wasn’t. The Story and Characters were terrible and the rest of the Game was super mediocre at best. Not to mention the ridiculous downgrade graphically.

  10. Honestly, I dont think so. It was a cool idea, just executed poorly. It had so much hype coming out that there was no way it could possibly live up to it. I enjoyed it overall for like the first couple hours but the story and the gameplay just wasnt enough to keep me invested.

  11. What I would love to see more of however were the John Wick-esque firearm takedowns from WD though. Those were easily my favorite part of the game (which speaks to the rest of the game obviously)

  12. I can play so many newer, prettier games than Watchdogs, but Watchdogs itself runs like shit on my computer, I think it may be poorly optimized.

  13. Nah, it deserved everything it got. Gameplay was repetitive and boring. No depth to the hacking mechanic when that’s the selling point. Driving is ass and the city is bland as fuck which is weird since Downtown Chicago is so much fun.

  14. Speaking of it, I’ve always found hillarious that Aiden would nearly always have that little smile in cutscenes

    I mean, I’d for sure smile if some gangers killed my friend or something

  15. I got this after GTA5. annnnnnnnnnnd yeah, driving wasn’t nearly as good and the gun play wasn’t either. I didn’t finish it.

  16. My issue with Watch Dogs is that I felt like it was way under developed as far as gameplay was concerned. It was kind of like, someone was an assassin’s Creed fan, threw a skin on the first one and rebranded. While I know this could be said for most games of this genre, the kicker for me was the monotonous camera diving.

    Definitely overhyped. The trailer at e3 before it was released made it look so good too haha

  17. I enjoyed WD it was fun all the way through. i had an absolute blast in WD2. if all these people hate it that’s fine but my experience was good.

  18. The game was cracked and released ahead of the launch. The game played better on that state then when it actually released.

  19. Best Part of that WD2 is when you drive the remote controlled car getting chased by the police while playing “Turbo Lover” by *Judas Priest*

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