35 thoughts on “We all get this way”

  1. Sometimes it pays off to be autistic.

    You can get hyperfixtated on one game for like a year and a half, and by the time you’re bored of it, you get nostalgic for another game and hyperfixtate on that.

  2. Just subscribed to game pass ultimate and it kind of feels the same way haha. Luckily I was introduced to Astroneer, and it’s my new obsession.

  3. Dude I have the opposite problem. Just got the DLC for Darkest Dungeon and have been grinding that out, myArk tribe has been asking where I’ve been and sends me messages every day, I’m still working on Deep Rock Galactic, I play two phone games at work and Borderlands 3 comes out in a few weeks.

  4. Me and my SO was talking about this. Its the equvilent to her going “I have nothing to wear” when she has 3 wardrobes full of clothes, plus boxes of boxes of even more in the basement.

    I can now relate.

  5. Me rn, I went back to dragons dogma dark arisen but im alreadh at the dragon and am sweating because i dont know what im going to play next.

    Games I enjoy for scope of recommendation.

    Dark souls
    Space engineers

  6. Personally, this seems to happen to me because I use games to make me feel better about feeling powerless to do things I want to do. I play management games because I want to make the world a better place, but feel powerless to do it in real life. At a certain point, the games just aren’t enough any more, and I wind up staring at them distressed that nothing gives me the fix any longer.

  7. Doesn’t matter if it’s steam, PS, or XBOX…i have over 300 games in my ready to install and probably another 200 in discs and i still dont know what i want to play…oh also i have Hacked NES classic with 600 games and SNES classic with the original 30 games on it

  8. Always online, full of dlcs, no custom/private servers, remake/remaster, f2p, mmo, crafting, retro pixel indie trash…it is becoming harder and harder to find a good single player game each day.

  9. I don’t understand people buying games cause it’s on sale or somethink. I buying what I want to play NOW, not to play it sometime maybe or have it in library.

  10. I’m stuck in this rut now and I hate it. Fired up Grandia II, DQ 11, old snes games…nothing! I then bought Fobia which I thought would be perfect and that ended up being < 30 mins long. Someone help me.

  11. life is hard, funny but I think alot of us are shaing this same feeling, just waiting on the next version of crack to come out…

  12. I always try new games, but eventually come back to League of Legends (which isn’t that great, to be honest).

    Right now, I’m really addicted to Spyro Remaster. It launched on PC in September 3rd.

  13. This happens a lot, I usually just stop playing for a few months and then come back refreshed and everything seems interesting then

  14. I usually just feel like I could be spending that time in more productive ways. The last game I really got sucked into was The Witness a month or two ago. I just upgraded my PC so you’d think I would be all over playing some games on it, but nope. Fiddling with Unity and keeping up with my budget spreadsheet. My spare time goes to family or Lyft for extra cash these days.

    I now treat my game library as a store. If I feel like buying a new game, I’ll just install something I haven’t tried yet. It’s fun to look through my lists and be completely surprised that I already own some game that I’ve been thinking about getting at some point.

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