40 thoughts on “We all know why they are looking for an excuse”

  1. No matter what/who they are quoting, it’s not anyone else’s fault. If I committed a murder quoting this reddit post, does that make it your fault?

    I always hated that argument, no matter what side it’s being used on

  2. This is a lowest of the low effort picture of text, and this is not a political subreddit. get this garbage out of here

  3. The El Paso shooters manifesto literally said that he held these beliefs before trump and it had nothing to do with trump.

    The Ohio shooter was an antifa supporter, communist lefty who registered democrat.

    Stupid post OP. Gaming sub-reddit btw.

  4. This is why I block all political subreddits. It’s sad when people use mass shootings to push their own political agenda.

  5. Somehow this doesn’t seem hugely appropriate for r/gaming. Seems a tad devicive. Not agreeing or disagree. It’s just this subreddit is fun because it’s a community. Let’s not try pull it apart.

  6. So what is the quote of Trump shooters used ?

    Mass shooting arent new thing. They happened under Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton and so on.

    Not much in favour of Trump, but seriously this just sounds as Trump bashing. Tipical reddit.

  7. CBS this morning: “doctors look for a link between vaping and strokes” yeah OK. Maybe you could ask those doctors to check any linkage between commonly prescribed drugs and mass shooting events. Then you can go back to your incessant whining about necessary pain medicine.

  8. This isn’t true either. This world is losing its mind. It’s not the games. It’s not the president. Don’t blame anyone but the SHOOTER.

  9. I don’t recall any quoting the president, but if that is the case it’d be an interesting video, potentially a pretty powerful one at that.

  10. So all the shootings that took place under Obama are his fault? Cool good to know.

    Grow the hell up. You know who’s responsible for the shootings? THE DAMN SHOOTER

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