36 thoughts on “We have all been here!”

  1. i’ve actually been there. tried to play without cheats but after failing some missions several times jsut gave up

  2. “No cheats this time, i’mma finish it like a man not a boy”
    *getting shot by the police and almost dead on a 3rd retry of a mission*
    “Fuck it”
    *types HESOYAM*

  3. My cousin used to have one saved game he’d use cheats on, and another saved game that he played normally, and any time he’d die he would restart his PS2 so the death wouldn’t save in his stats in the start menu.

  4. As a child, I never went through GTA because I did not know that there was a plot in the game. I just included cheats and chaos XD

  5. I only played without cheats when i found out you can’t beat the madd dog mission if you use too many.

  6. I tried it without any cheats as a kid once. Got all the way to the second last mission but gave up on claiming the majority of Los Santos before the final mission.

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