26 thoughts on “Well that’s disappointing..”

  1. Buy her a PlayStation game for her birthday, then say oops wrong system. You look like you care and get the new game you want.

  2. I mean, if they’re playing a PS4 with an XBox controller, they’re not typical so she’s technically correct.

    Question is whether that’s a good thing or not.

  3. Not any games on the ps4, mind you. She’s gonna sit and stare at the user select screen, which means she has the exact right controller.

  4. Plot twist, she’s using an Xbox 360 controller on a PS4 cause she can’t stand the DS4 or X1 controller.

  5. I can 100% confirm typicall. My gf sister is 18, no console, but whenever she’s over at our place she’s like hey, let’s play some Mario Kart. She takes a pic of the controller, a pic of the screen. Once, twice and again.

    Then one of my games. And I’m like yea…

  6. Anyone know the scene from Archer where Brett laughs at Archer having cancer? That’s the kind of mental beating I receiving the first time I saw this image a long time ago

  7. She might be crazy dedicated and modded that out.

    I have an X360 Vewlix HRAP that I put a brooks universal pcb in.

    But yea, I doubt it.

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