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  1. Not on topic:

    When I tried Dota 2 five’ish years ago I found it really boring.

    I remember choosing a character named Sven and just use his moves/abilities to batter opponents. Never really cared what my teammates were doing. I quickly dropped the game because I was winning most of my matches.

    Now I wonder was the character heavily unbalanced or was I unlucky in competitive matchups?

  2. Nobody can steal an ex. By definition the ex isn’t someone’s to have stolen.

    It’s like saying don’t steal my car from me that I sold years ago.

  3. If we’re gonna post an image of a conversation every time anyone says anything in any game… this subresdit will be swamped by BILLIONS OF MINDLESS IMAGES…… oh wait, that’s already how it is.

    Oh I wish I was a mod here. I’d permaban most of you.

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