33 thoughts on “What 2-player games can my son and I play? I’m tired of destroying him in CIV.”

  1. Stardew Valley? Teaches about growing things & making friends & taking care of animals, but also teaches that exploring & killing monsters is fun.

  2. This post and comments are fuckin gold! Love wholesome shit like this.

    Whoop his ass in Mario kart. A lot of relatable characters for him to choose from.

  3. Non-sarcastically, some of the best memories from my childhood were sitting on my dad’s lap as he played Diablo II. I still remember him farming Mephisto. Hell, I think that’s part of why I enjoy Path of Exile.

    Just spend time with him, and as he gets older explain what’s going on. By the time he’s about six, he’ll be ready for co-op. He won’t be GOOD, but he’ll have fun.

  4. Custom 3D print an Occulus Quest headset for him.

    Make him think real-life only moves when he moves his head.



  5. With a newborn, I can’t overstate how much you’ll need games with a pause option. That said, total war: warhammer is right up your alley. Grand strategy like civilization, but an army sim like no other. Plus, your interest in vermintide should definitely help. All that and the ability to step away from it at any time means you’ll be able to enjoy everything.

  6. Play Stellaris. Basically civ on steroids. You will still kick your sons ass but the AI will destroy yours so it’s like a win win

  7. The game called Whose Your Daddy?

    Co-op, play the roles of baby and daddy. Baby tried to kill itself as quickly as possible and daddy tries to prevent such a thing. Its the perfect game for you, given the image.

  8. At this point Peek-A-Boo would be a good start. However, if at any point you cover your face then uncover it to see he is no longer there, it’s not him moving on to Hide-N-Seek.

  9. Holy shit, is that WakeyouAtThree ? Dude, he’s been going easy on you, that kid’s the most lethal sniper in clan Infants Infamous.

  10. Enjoy the time where they don’t move. 10 months old and you need eyes in your arse as they’re crawling across the room at the speed of sound

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