9 thoughts on “What are flicks and what do they do??? How does it improve your shots lol from a console player”

  1. a flick shot means rapid movement of your mouse to a certain position (enemy’s head) across a larger distance, based on muscle memory. you dont take your time to precisely aim, you just know how much movement of the mouse is needed and you do it instantly as the situation requires

    if your favorite game does not have a practice mode, you can try this aim trainer from an oldschool quake player https://store.steampowered.com/app/824270/KovaaKs_FPS_Aim_Trainer/

  2. There’s 3 different aim types in FPS games: tracking, projectiles, and flicking.

    Flicking is when you quickly move your cursor to your opponent without taking time to line up the shot, basically

  3. it’s just a reflex shot, practice is how you get better and using the same settings for a long period of time so you develop muscle memory.

    reflex shots are easier to pull off that becoming consistency good at tracking aim.

    Arena shooters are good games to player with lighting guns for tracking aim and railguns for flicks / reflex shots.

  4. Instant headshot, or instantly get crosshair on enemy.

    Also can hit more targets with less wasted ammo, and hit targets faster.

    Also, take on more enemies at a time, eg if getting double teamed.

  5. It’s usually not good when u are far away though, since any small flick overshoots the target, so have to do more tracking type to get those long range headshots.

  6. Shroud is probably the best “flicker” ive ever seen. I have debated my self if he aim bots or not. Or if he is a aim bot him self, manifested into a gamer. hmm

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