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Use this thread to discuss whatever you’ve been playing lately (old or new, AAA or indie). Don’t just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games.

> Make sure to use spoiler tags if you’re posting anything about a game’s plot that might significantly hurt the experience of others that haven’t played the game yet (no matter how old or new the game is).

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40 thoughts on “What Are You Playing Thread – August 13, 2019”

  1. Yakuza 0: This, right now, is taking care of my action/adventure cravings and adding in some nice progression elements. I’m a huge fan of it for shorter sit down sessions.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance: I picked this up expecting something akin to a survival RPG. I was wrong. The hunger, energy, etc. elements are manageable and fun as opposed to obnoxious and tedious. The story is well written, the side quests have care clearly wrought into them. I highly recommend for those who crave a true medieval RPG. Not just something with perk and upgrade elements, but something with an atmospheric and narrative blend.

  2. * **MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code**

    Went to the LI Retro Gaming Expo and connected with some players of this fine game and we did a few around. My current main is Kouma Kishima. Great game. Excellent community.

    * **Xonotic**

    Been playing this online a lot with my older kids. 2 of them have their own servers for their gaming groups where they live at and it’s been great getting owned by them.

    * **The Last Blade**

    From now til October my co-workers have chosen this game to be the focus some of office rivalry during lunch breaks. Keiichiro Washizuka is my main but I am pretty fluent in all of these characters. We are currently putting the prize pools together.

  3. Am I allowed to say non-pc games?

    Anyways, I’m currently playing Fire Emblem Warriors. I used to think that warrior games(koei temco) are mindless button mashing games (just from trailers), but after starting this game, there’s actually more mechanics to not make it “mindless”

    Like pairing up, commanding units to do. Advantage/disadvantage on weapon matchups. Also Coop Split screen.

  4. No man’s sky… Truly unbelievable how much of a 180 the game has went through, if you haven’t played it yet, now is the time to pick it up with a massive update coming on wednesday.

  5. Battlefield V until Modern Warfare comes out. Crossing my fingers for a great single campaign. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a really fun single player. When I get bored of BF5 I usually jump back in GTA5 for some high speed police chases.

    If anyone can recommend a fun mod to make the police chases more fun that would be great!

  6. 2 games at the moment,

    Crusader king 2: got the base game for free when buying the game below. Started playing, didn’t get any of it. After 30 hours finally started to get somewhat comfortable and get the basics.
    Got some dlc at a humble bundle sale and totally worth it.

    Hitman 2: after blood money (which I loved), and Absolution (which I hated). Got this one at the Greenman gaming sale, including the season pass.

  7. Gamers I Need Help choosing a New Keyboard to buy, its between the Anne Pro 2 & The Logitech G Pro Keyboard, I want the anne pro 2 because of its Gateron Brown switches, its 60 percent and Its customizable options, But the G pro I heard has one of the fastest response times of all keyboards but I just dont know if I like the romer G switches or not


  8. Dragon Quest XI: After taking a break, I’m back to playing this a little.

    Sniper Elite 3: Really had a hankering to play this, so I started the other night.

  9. Eliza from Zachtronics came out yesterday. It was a short but interesting visual novel. Not as many choices as it makes it appear at first, but an interesting concept nonetheless. I can see why they picked it up to publish, thematically.

    Plus the mandatorily included solitaire game is always fun. But damn is it hard.

  10. Prey
    Took me like 5-6 hours to really get into it, but finally the game clicked with me and am now 23 hours in so far. I am having fun with it and brings back memories from the first person shooters of old.

    Monster Hunter World
    Just bought it yesterday. It is a bit MMORPGish so far, the screen is always buzzing with unnecessary stuff. But I had to play this as 3rd person and fantasy is a must for me.

  11. Starcraft 2! It’s fun to get back into the game and I’m completely hooked on the pro scene!

    Just got ranked Platinum as a terran, so hyped, never has a game given me such a rush

  12. Dragon Age: Origins. I had an inkling to play an RPG after seeing my brother playing through DA:I, so why not start at the first.

  13. STILL MORE GARRYS MOD… prophunt is still a hilarious rage fest of poor maps and exsperience hunters it is almost impossible to not be found while spamming irritating taunts like back in the day.

  14. Skyrim VR. Really I’m playing the mods. The modding community for Skyrim is amazing. Add VR and it’s my new reality.

  15. I’ve been playing yet more FFXIV. Working on gathering jobs up. Botany’s almost to 70, which will help crafting. Mining is already at 80. I’ll just need to get Botany finished, plan out a craft I can do easily for Blacksmithing, farm the mats and go.

  16. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Once I get the new PC built in the next few days, perhaps I’ll venture into something newer.

  17. Divinity OS2 co-op with my bro. We got to Act two on the original update, then didn’t play for a while. Decided to start over on Definitive Edition and we’re back at the same point we ended on. Definitely trying to play more often so we can finish (maybe this year lol). Such a great game.

  18. Dark Souls Remastered.

    I never finished first Dark Souls – don’t even go to beloved Blighttown. I stopped somewhere in the Depths after defeating vagina with teeth.

    Got a remastered version few months ago, and started playing it from very beginning. Most difficult part for me was remembering all controls (I’m using Xbox controller). I walked to Taurus demon without knowing how to sprint.

    I would drink estus flask instead of hitting enemies. In short, first hours was harder that it should be.

    But then it becomes more familiar and I even remember some secret paths and cheesy tricks. After dozen fails with twin gargoyles I discovered probably the essential DS skill – run to freaking boss through hordes of enemies.

    This game is really looks and feels like old games from 80th and 90th, where you don’t have a lot of room for error but with enough practice you will learn rules and will go further and further.

  19. GTA IV, so many damn chase missions, the one where you gotta chase a damn train..fuck off with that Rockstar lol.

  20. After about a year of my pc being broken I finally rebuilt it. The cpu came with a trial of xbox game pass so I’m currently trying out rise of the tomb raider.

  21. Fallout 3 & New Vegas, two of my favorite games of all time and I finally got them stable enough to be played with some mods and loving every second of it. Also started Detroit: Become Human since I got it for free and so far im actually liking it more than I expected

  22. I play currently **Metro Exodus**, which I actually enjoy quite a bit. Great atmosphere and amazing gunplay.

    Also been playing some **Anno 1800.** It actually has a campaign this time around. The game itself is great, but the campaign is kind of cheesy and utterly predictable.

    I actually streamed both games over at [https://twitch.tv/Fischiii1337](https://twitch.tv/Fischiii1337) if you care to have a look 😉

  23. Just picked up Destiny 2: Forsaken. So I’m going to be missing up the free content and starting on that soon. I played a little Destiny 2 on PS4 but trying to get back into it now on PC. Now seems like better time for ever for new players.

  24. Star Wars: Republic Commando

    The FPS that got me into FPS. As a kid, this was basically the only FPS I was allowed to play, since it was the exception to my parents’ “no shooting games” rule. The AI in this game was phenomenal for its time, and even today it impresses me.

    And, PSA for anyone who potentially once played it, the multiplayer is still active despite the public servers going down several years ago!

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