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Use this thread to discuss whatever you’ve been playing lately (old or new, AAA or indie). Don’t just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games.

> Make sure to use spoiler tags if you’re posting anything about a game’s plot that might significantly hurt the experience of others that haven’t played the game yet (no matter how old or new the game is).

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30 thoughts on “What Are You Playing Thread – November 12, 2019”

  1. Final Fantasy XV now, finishing up 100% then moving to FFX2 as I played X but never the sequel. Any recommendations on similar games for pc? I’ve been on a kick for this gameplay lately

  2. Started playing Sekiro in September. Bought it on some sales. Have been playing it ever since. It’s my first FromSoft games and I’m so glad to finally to get a real taste of gid gud victory on their games.

    I’ve been avoiding FromSoft games since the beginning not only because their games is well known for being difficult, but because of the slow af combat and the overall dark and grim looking atmosphere. I finally gave Sekiro a chance because it has everything that I want:

    1. Fast paced sword clashing combat.
    2. No stamina bar.
    3. It’s beautiful and full of colors.
    4. It has the strongest Japanese culture and mythology I ever seen in video games. No, I haven’t play Nioh so I can’t compare.
    5. Stealth. A frigging stealth mechanics in an action game? Perfect mix of my 2 favorite genres.
    6. A complete story (sort of).

    It is also the first game that I ever unlocked all the achievements. I’ve been replaying it up to the maximum new game plus cycle. I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon until I get bored with it.

    The combat is just so satisfying once you mastered the mechanics and FromSoft actually introduced a cool combat mechanic that I wish to see being adapted in other action games called the posture system.

    Unfortunately, it kinda suffer from the lack of RPG mechanics like what FromSoft did to Dark Souls series. You are playing as a Shinobi through and through. No change of class and no change of weapon. You can only keep improving yourself as a Shinobi.

    With that said, if you can overlook that and enjoy being a Shinobi, then you should definitely pick up this game if not for the all the other reasons that I’ve already mentioned.

  3. RDR2 has been taking most of my free time, Im also thinking about the new Star Wars game but maybe I can wait for it a little more, read some reviews first etc.

  4. **The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening** | Switch

    I’m still having a ton of fun with this one. Most of my playtime is coming from my lunch breaks, but this week I completed the 3rd and 4th dungeons. So, not a *ton* of progress, but I’m slowly getting there.

    **Resident Evil 5** | PC

    After finishing up Resident Evil 6 last week, my friend and I decided to go back and play through Resident Evil 5. After spending two hours trying to get this shit to work in 21:9, we no-lifed the shit out of this game over the weekend. We put in over 15 hours in just two days and beat >!Wesker!< late Sunday night.

    The gameplay itself was better in RE6, but the story was much more coherent in RE5. For reference, I really didn’t hate RE6. It was a lot of fun, and the story was I think a bit overly ambitions trying to weave together multiple parallel storylines. Ultimately though, between RE5 and RE6, I’m undecided on which I liked better.

    For anyone that may be curious about 21:9, it was a bitch, but we sort of got it working. The game will let you choose 3440×1440, but will crash at the start of any cutscene. So, we had to create a custom resolution in the NVIDIA control panel for 3200×1400 and play at the resolution. That left some pillarboxing, but was still much better than playing at 16:9. We also installed the [Unofficial Patch](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864823595), which implements several fixes, including removing the GFWL requirement, because fuck having that shit installed. We also installed [this RE5 Online Fix](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1533171339) that fixes a couple issues with online co-op. We also installed [a mod to increase the FOV](http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/5760/optimal-field-view-characters-supported) a bit, which helped more than anything, really. Here’s a [before](https://imgur.com/OLWhOJA) and [after](https://i.imgur.com/CALXQ1U.png) of the FOV. And finally, we had to use Flawless widescreen to fix the HUD and menu scaling. Oh, and one final issue we had, which we weren’t able to fix and just lived with, was a black line in the center of the screen during cutscenes. It’s even in [the video created by the author of the RE5 Flawless Widescreen plugin](https://www.flawlesswidescreen.org/), so I’m not sure what causes it, but I don’t know if there is a fix this.

    **Little Misfortune** | PC

    This was a leftover from Spooktober that I still wanted to get around to. It’s by the creators of Fran Bow, Killmonday games. I absolutely loved Fran Bow, and was really excited to see the sophomore game from Killmonday. While Little Misfortune really isn’t anything like Fran Bow it’s unique in its own way. I was pleasantly surprised by its humor and charm. The puzzles are a step down from Fran Bow and are extremely simple, and the level design is far more linear than I remember Fran Bow being. That said, I enjoyed my time with it quite a bit, but at 3-4 hours, I’d probably wait for a sale of <$10 before recommending anyone pick this one up.

  5. Noita

    awesome indie game in early access, definitely worth every penny of it!

    key features:

    * pixel 2d graphic
    * pixel based physics
    * procedurally generated world
    * action roguelike
    * packed with secrets
    * create your own spells on different wands that you find while exploring dungeons

  6. I bought the Spyro Reignited and Crash Bandicoot trilogies since they were both on sale together the other day. So I’ve been re-living my childhood through them haha.

    Also Rimworld

  7. I was playign MGS 5 but my controller LB button starting messing up and when I tried to interrogate a CQC’d NPC the option kept coming and going and coming and going and I couldn’t call my horse on time so I kept dying so I was like alright – to the repair shop you go. Should be fixed next week so here’s hoping I can jump back in.

    I guess in the meantime I’ll play Slay The Spire

  8. Witcher 3. Finally got around to trying it out. Just got out of White orchard and last night’s save was just after getting the lowdown on the war from the minister.

  9. Borderlands 3. I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning and Borderlands 2 is easily in my top ten favorite games. I’m enjoying the changes in 3, but this game is buggy as shit right now, even with the patches that have come so far. I’ve had points in quests where the next objective failed to trigger, quest objects that fall through the floor, missions where you have to kill all the enemies in an area and then nothing happens, along with 2 points where the game just froze. I think it will be great a year from now when it’s all fixed, but coming from Outer Worlds where I had zero bugs for my entire 50+ hour playthrough this game is kind of a mess.

  10. Friends started playing Skyrim recently and I kind of started feeling the nostalgia bug so I re-installed. Figured out how to really make use of mod organizer 2 and the SKSE64 mod and have been blown away. I modded the shittttt out of it and it’s beautiful, the combat is smoother, characters look better, higher res textures, all thanks to the endless supply of mods. Shit makes me feel like I’m a freshman in HS again and I love it.

  11. Just waiting for Fallen Order, pretty much. Gonna try out the Hearthstone auto-battler later today when it goes into open beta.

  12. Finished building my PC and now I have a backlog of about 15 games. Xcom 2, Enter the Gungeon, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Planet Zoo, Rocket League, The Outer Worlds, Warhammer Total War. I’m still looking to build the collection 😬

  13. **Modern Warfare** | PC
    Been really enjoying this title despite it’s shortcomings. Since I’m a huge fan of CS:GO, R6S, and the Battlefield series, it’s nice to have something that feels like the perfect amount of arcade and tactical shooter. Haven’t played a Call of Duty entry since the original Modern Warfare trilogy back when I was still a console gamer, and it’s refreshing to be able to play with my friends who haven’t yet ascended.

    **Old School Runescape** | PC

    Need I say more…nice way to pass the time as I wait for RDR2 to release on Steam or for Alien: Isolation to finally go on sale. Also been wanting to try Elite: Dangerous with a HOTAS setup and my VR but wanting to save some money for the holidays.

  14. I bought Shadow of Tomb Raider Definitive edition for $20 and I am enjoying it a lot. The game might not be as good as the first two games and Lara’s facial features are lacking but the tombs and graphics are just next level. I am probably going to replay it once I get an HDR capable monitor with 144Hz and 2080 for those sweet sweet ray tracing effects

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