What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed).

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35 thoughts on “What are you playing Wednesday!”

  1. (PS4) day z – I told myself I was going to cut down on gaming. Now this is out on Sony that isn’t happening.

  2. Really enjoying Monster Hunter World right now. Finished the story a few days ago but it hooks you in so well to the point it feels like you have been playing for 30 minutes, when in reality you’ve been going for almost 4 hours.

    The grinding system doesn’t feel cheated or boring like in some games, and actually requires you to go on a 15-20 minute hunt to get the materials you need. Story is iffy but that doesn’t necessary make it a bad game.

    The combat is absolutely incredible. There are 14 different weapons you can use and each one feels completely different, and they each come with their own play style.

    9/10 – easily my favorite game right now, maybe ever.

  3. XB1, Dark Souls III here:). First ever dark souls played and I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier! It’s a great game and trying to get practice in on this before the Elden Rings is released

  4. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) going for the last moon crystal, my first playthrough

    Going for 100%, currently

    All 64 discoveries found

    All crew members joined

    All chests upto this point

    All chams upto this point (have to wait to get the dlc cham, not got a dreampi yet)

    All 3 abirik chams found

  5. I’m playing destiny 2. I haven’t touched it since the warmind because I really disliked those expansions, but my other half found an e3 sale and now here I am. I expected to be more disappointed tbh but it’s kinda fun. I especially like the blind well.

  6. recently got the Handsome Collection and god damn I forgot how broken this game is. it’s playable, but some things just shouldn’t happen that do.

    goodbye legendary gun, a loader wasn’t meant to pick you up but that’s how they designed the level 🙁

  7. Dark Souls Remaster on the Switch.
    Giantdad for life.
    Dark Souls gets way better every play through, because you pretty much memorize the entire game. It opens itself up to more exploration and experimentation.

  8. Dauntless and Yakuza 0 here. I’ve been playing way too much Dauntless lately. I am also considering going back to MHW, tons of new content.

  9. Just bought PS plus after a long time not playing PS4. Wanted to finish my last semester of college on a strong note so I left my playstation at home. Convenient since Plus ran out around December.
    With the Playstation Days of Play sale they’ve been having, I picked up 2k19 for $3 and was able to get PS Plus for $15 (on sale for 40 – 25 gamestop gift card.

    Been playing a mix of GTA San Andreas, NBA 2k19, and Rocket League.

    GTA San Andreas is really fun. A game I was old enough to enjoy messing around killing everybody, but not old enough to understand the dynamics of the plot. Doing the story mode play through now. Made it about 1/4 of the way through without cheat codes, but that game is too frustrating without em. Really enjoying it so far, but I have taken a slight break now that I’ve been playing more online in the next games.

    NBA 2k19. Definitely wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t $3 on sale. I think it’s a fair price considering I feel all 2k does is copy and paste their game over every year. Waiting for NBA Live to make a comeback to at least give them competition/motivation to improve. Overall, mostly playing kids online because MyPlayer gets stale after a bit and unless you’re willing to pay $100+ for in game currency, the other modes kinda suck as well. One thing I like that they somewhat improved upon is they kept the shot meter when doing layups.

    Glad to be back on Rocket League. At my peak I hit Diamond 2 in doubles (must have had a good string of teammates). Coming back after not playing for so long I’m a bit rusty but still sticking around Diamond 1 tier. Really enjoying their summer 80’s theme.

  10. Stardew Valley with my wife, thanks to a split screen mod I found on Nexus Mod.

    She HATES video games, and the idea that I’m gaming. But I’ve convinced her to try, and now she is the one asking “do you want to play stardew ?”

    We’re having so much fun !

  11. Just beat Cuphead yesterday and am now getting my foot in the door of Bloodborne after all these years of having it. Send me your thoughts and prayers.

  12. Wolfenstein II The New Colossus. Biggest pro: it just went on sale! I always heard the game was ok and fun enough, but very short and not worth the whole price tag, so I was waiting for it to go on sale. It finally did around E3.

    Also Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo Switch. Brings me back to my childhood.

  13. Cadence of Hyrule – it is my favourite top-down Zelda game since LttP and easily favourite Nintendo crossover franchise. Extremely addictive Zelda gameplay spliced with fun rhythm mechanics. What makes the game succeed at all of this, however, is the incredible score from Danny Baranowsky et al. You can really tell all the devs respected and loved the source material. So many musical and game play easter eggs.

  14. They Are Billions just came out of early access, they added a campaign so i am playing that. It’s a great game if you like RTS games.

  15. Just beat Dandara on my switch! It’s a metroidvania like game where there’s no gravity and you bounce around the walls while charging shots and completing puzzles. It was a lot of fun, and it managed to stay completely fresh by abandoning the typical formula for these sorts of games. I’d recommend it to anyone with $15.

  16. Bloodstained! I was a backer and the long wait has proven worth it! Great game so far. Seriously feels almost exactly like SoTN.

  17. Batman: Arkham Knight. I didn’t really like arkham city so I didn’t finish it but I’m really enjoying knight.

  18. Had no idea how far elder scrolls online has come since i briefly played it during its launch. Started replaying a few weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Perfect blend of doing well written solo content mixed with challenging group content.

  19. Currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, finishing the main story so I am ready for the nex expansion launch in a few days, so excited!

  20. TimeSpinner and Gran Turismo Sport.
    Really liking TimeSpinner. May go for the plat. Looks easy enough. Requires a 2nd playthrough, but it’s short enough to not be a hassle.
    Just got a racing wheel for GT Sport so I can’t wait to set up that sucker.

  21. Just started playing Dreams early access for PS4. Trying to make a dark souls type inspired RPG. Got the story and dialogue written already. I might be in over my head but it’s pretty exciting that if you spend enough time in that game you can achieve anything almost.

  22. When I can, I play sekiro, which I’m almost done with(and absolutely love). And that’s only if im not grinding on rainbow 6 with my buds.

  23. Breath of the Wild. Sitting on 50+ Korok seeds because I can’t find Hatsu’s forest. Don’t tell me where it is, I’ll find it eventually… hopefully…

  24. Days Gone. 90% sure most reviewers didn’t play longer than 5-10 hours. It’s my nominee for Game if the Year. Little buggy, but nothing game ruining.

  25. Playing The Last of Us for the first time right now and I’m having a blast. It really isn’t overated at all.

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