What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed).

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35 thoughts on “What are you playing Wednesday!”

  1. Signed up for game pass last night for $1 and started downloading The outer worlds! Can’t wait to get home and play it!

  2. Resident evil 5 for the switch. My mom and sister are coming over to take turns on Mercanaries mode. We already got double SS all characters on the ps3 and ps4 versions so now it’s the switchs turn!

  3. **Resident Evil 6** | PC

    We finally finished up RE6 this week. We had to wrap up the last two chapters of Jake/Sherry’s campaign and then do Ada/Agent’s campaign, which was significantly shorter than the rest of the campaigns.

    The Agent in Ada’s campaign was definitely an afterthought. I felt pretty bad for my friend that was playing as The Agent, honestly. At one point, I don’t remember what it was that he did, but he said, “It just feels good to interact with something.” The level design for Ada’s campaign did not have two players in mind. Ada is the only one that can interact with doors, levers, etc. There’s also a lot of verticality in her levels that relies on her grappling hook, which The Agent does not have…so The Agent gets teleported a lot, which is pretty distracting.

    I’m glad to finally wrap this up, and I’m glad to have played it. As much flak as this game gets for being clunky and having a pretty mediocre story, it was honestly a ton of fun to play through with a friend.

    **Devotion** | PC

    I’m lucky enough to have a friend that purchased this game before it got delisted, so I was able to play it thanks to Steam’s Family Sharing. Red Candle did a great job creating a spooky, unsettling atmosphere that didn’t rely too heavily on jump scares. There were a few jump scares, but used in moderation, I don’t really mind them. I never reached a point in the game where I was numb to its horrors. The story was actually very good, and it’s definitely one that will stick with me for some time. I know there’s no easy way to play this game for most people, but if you have access to it, I’d highly recommend it!

    **Detention**| PC

    Coming off of Devotion, I thought I’d go ahead and check out Red Candle’s previous game, which I’ve had in my Steam library for some time now. It’s a much different experience than Devotion. It’s 2D, and the horror isn’t really “in your face.” Being 2D didn’t stop Red Candle from creating a pretty uniquely disturbing experience. While I enjoyed this game a good amount, I thought the story was a bit less coherent than Devotion. After completing the game and reading a summary, I can see what it was going for, but I honestly didn’t pick up on a lot of the plot details during my playthrough, but maybe that was just me.

    **The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening** | Switch

    I’ve still been making my way through this, and I’m still loving it. I’ve completed the first two dungeons and have just found the last Golden Leaf before starting the third dungeon.

  4. Finished the Outer Worlds this past weekend, so I started a total Batman Arkham series playthrough, forgot how much I loved Batman games!

  5. Planet Zoo!
    I bought the beta a while back, and that only served to hype me up. I do love Frontier’s stuff and they definitely hit it out of the park in my opinion. There are some optimization issues and some freezes, but I really don’t mind all too much.

  6. Don’t have a lot of time to play, but luigis mansion is so cool. Trying to also play the outer worlds to be ready for MinnMax’s game club this week.

    Also I haven’t played a Pokémon game since silver but I’m weirdly excited about the new one next week and playing it over the thanksgiving holiday. Lucky for me I haven’t kept up with the series so I don’t care about the “limited dex”

  7. Witcher 3 on Switch. I’ve been playing for the past week and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The side quests make the world seem inhabited and I love Geralt. I’m considering playing the first two games when I finish this one.

  8. I just discovered Thea: The Awakening and I think it’s the game that I’ve always been searching for.

    My husband and I have poured over 450 hours into Civ VI and I feel like we’ve finally found our new go-to game. Thea is like a beautiful blend of Civ/Age of Wonders/Wesnoth. It checks all of our boxes and seems almost too good to be true!

  9. I’m almost always playing Final Fantasy XIV, new patch came out a little over a week ago and I’m still in full grind mode, but I’m trying to sneak in playing the Outer Worlds and Horizon Zero Dawn when I can. I have almost all the world collectibles for horizon zero dawn and I just now decided to go to the jungle around meridian. I completed the last of the hunting lodges last night and its providing me some extra incentive to finally go to the city the damned game has been telling me to go to since the beginning.

    I’m not too far in outer worlds but I’m loving playing my character with all points plugged into speech and stealth. I can weasle my way out of nearly anything without combat.

    I really need to pick up ni no kuni II again and finish those last couple solosseum fights so I can uninstall it.

  10. At the moment, I’m playing Breath of the wild! Haven’t played it in forever and I’ve forgotten how fun it is.

  11. The Monster Hunter World – This game is so shit guys. No action small kids hitting the big creatures. No hit animation. It’s so confusing too – the game includes a number of weapons which got me confused about which one to use. You have to set up different load-outs. and At the start, the game will waste your half n hr making you understand the shit game.

    In replacement I have played Bayonetta which is a tremendous action and sexy witch game , Sekiro Shadow Die Twice is okay and All time fav Rainbow Six Siege.

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