What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed).

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34 thoughts on “What are you playing Wednesday!”

  1. If I’m being for real, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the new one)

    Then games just so beautiful and is actually quite fun! It’s a little grindy on the unlocks, though

  2. Played some Red Dead Redemption 2. Completing all the activities at Chapter 4. Skinning, studying, challenges, collectibles etc.

    But it’s Ace Combat 7 that’s got my interest back, as I’ve just played a bit of the PS2 game that come with it and learnt the controls through tutorial. I’ve changed my control type for AC7 to expert and can now do better in combat.

  3. Destiny 2. I’ve been playing since Destiny 1 beta and can’t put it down. There’s always something to do in it and I have a fairly active clan to play with again.

  4. Playing Gravity Rush Remastered, bought both parts since they were on sale. Controls needed some getting used to, but I really like the gravity mechanics. The story, visual style and music are great, though I’m not a big fan of everyone talking in fake-gibberish, but that’s a minor nitpick

  5. Just playing through Super Meat Boy again. Picked it up on Switch in the sale.


    Enjoying the shit out of it. Gonna go for 100% completion!

  6. Project Cars 2 in VR. I hadn’t touched it since the end of January and needed to let off some steam so fired it up late last night and will be again tonight.

    Still have the issue of dickheads ramming you off track mid overtake.

  7. Legends of Eisenwald.

    Picked it up last weak on Steam for a low price.

    It is turn based, full of knightly and sneaky quests.

    The map is big. A lot of characters, items.

    Graphics are very nice but the game has that “old school spirit”

    Think Mount and Blade with turn based combat.

    I’m also playing Dota 2 but that game is evil and should not be mentioned.

  8. Last week I played the hell out of The Division 2 while finishing up DMC5… so it’s only appropriate that this week I’m taking a break from reaching the WT5 endgame in TD2 by playing TD1 for the first time, and rewarded myself for beating DMC5 by reinstalling DmC, the game with my favorite iteration of the Bloody Palace.

    The more things change…

  9. I’m going to have a crack at [Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter](https://youtu.be/KZqsRsSgN4Q). I’m finishing up the first case; I really got into them when Xbox Gold gave Crimes and Punishments for free. I’m happy to see it’s still in the realm of the Holmes Universe, albeit a slightly more adult tone and a supernatural flare.

    Finished Watch_Dogs yesterday — may get back to part 2 ($9 for an Xbox Spring Sale was too good to pass up).

  10. I finally have a good game going in No Man’s Sky.

    I love the exploration and to dive deeper into the lore. In the beginning I had a hard time with always missing materials and I had a feeling that, though the universe were bigger than in any other game, I might not even get out of my current system. But through upgrades and missions things are getting better now, and I’m having a blast.

  11. Rage 2 just landed in my mailbox. Fridge is stocked. Mood is set. Will be playin’ that till friday.

  12. Decided to get odyssey and love playing it!

    Easy game to just come home after work and sit down for a few hours and explore random things

  13. Saints Row the Third. The Switch port has some issues but I’m still having as much fun playing this as the PS3 version. There’s a performance update coming tomorrow hopefully that fixes most of the problems.

    Minecraft. Haven’t played since the Pillager update so I’m excited to check it out.

  14. Me and some friends bought the Xbox game pass for a $1 off the Microsoft store and have been playing Sea of Thieves. Game is super fun. I’ve also been playing Rage 2, really fun game.

  15. Cities Skylines has my attention lately, so much fun and so many thousands of mods and assets in the Steam Workshop to play with!

  16. Witcher 3. I know I’m late to the party but a recent PC upgrade has got me playing this again and I am hooked!

  17. I bought a switch last Tuesday and iv been going hard on breathe of the wild, It’s an amazing game so far.

  18. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. I’ve done a few run-throughs of the campaign on PC but am trying it out on my housemate’s PS4 on the big TV. It looks great on the big screen and would highly recommend for any real-time, strategy or stealth fans.

  19. Civ V, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005), Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Trek Bridge Crew PSVR & Galak-Z.

    I kinda need my fix from each of them right now.

  20. Finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Now just knocking out some DK Tropical Freeze and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

  21. Destiny 1. It’s such a nostalgia trip, especially when you’ve burned out your vocal chords yelling “you useless fuck” at your Gambit teammates in D2.

  22. I’m almost done with my PS4 Fallout 4 play through. I’m in Nuka World claiming the park areas for the gangs. My playtime is currently about 90 hours.

    This is my first Fallout and Bethesda game. Though the game definitely has its flaws, It has been an amazing experience. I’m definitely planning on picking up Skyrim and Fallout 3 in the near future.

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