What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed).

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27 thoughts on “What are you playing Wednesday!”

  1. Returning to the worlds of divinity original sin 1 and 2, this time via mobile while I’m out and about. Bluetooth controller + moonlight is such a dream combination. Who’d have thought, the masterpieces of divinity could be enjoyed anywhere.

  2. Okay, here is my list, I get home from work and I jump into hell with DOOM 2016 as a warm up before I take on the world in Apex Legends.

  3. Had the Doom 2016 demo for a long time, so I actually purchased the full game and playing the entire campaign.

    Game is fantastic! Love that fast pace, in your face combat. Now I need to stop dying!…lol

  4. I’m playing through Hue, a fun little puzzle platformer that involves changing the background color to solve puzzles.

  5. I’m about 75% through Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. I’d probably be done if I didn’t find sailing around quite relaxing.

    After that I’m trying to decide between playing The Old Republic some more, playing a RTS like StarCraft or Empire Earth, or finally starting the Witcher trilogy.

    I’m leaning towards Witcher but I might do at least one campaign in one of the RTS games so I don’t go from open world game to open world game.

  6. **Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.** Got the DLC on steam for half price. Its one of my favourite games from last year. Great for playing while listening to a podcast or livestream.

  7. Just bought Bloodborne. Previously I have only tried out Dark souls 3 and hated it, but with all the praise Bloodborne gets and it not being that expensive, I decided to man up. Aesthetically it is very appealing, but I hope it will have mercy on me.

  8. I started **A Plague Tale: Innocence** last night. It was my impulsive buy of the quarter. Really enjoying it so far. Really needed a break from competitive multiplayer FPS and it’s been refreshing to play a linear game again.

  9. Days Gone! Glad I didnt let the gamestop employee talk me out of buying it, he tried very hard, kinda odd, like the game kicked his dog or something

  10. My friend came over for coffee.
    We ended up buying Human Fall Flat on Xbox One.
    6 hours later, we’ve finished it.
    Lots of laughs.

  11. I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 3… or maybe I should say I’m watching it? Soooo many cutscenes… Yesterday I wanted to play for about an hour but after I beat the titans in Olympus there was an hour and 15 minutes worth of scenes to watch before I could save again. I am sticking with it for nostalgias sake but I want to play, not watch cheesy cutscenes!

  12. I do not play too much at the moment. From time to time, I play SW Battlefront II and the great classic game Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Battlefront is now a good game to spend an hour a day, but the bugs in this ewwww game … Do I have to say something about W3?

  13. Horizon Zero Dawn. Man, what a game! I thought I’d like it, but didn’t know it would became one of my favorite games ever.

  14. Star wars battlefront 2. They changed so much and I’m having constant fun on it honestly, just wish more people played

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