4 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on GreedFall? Looks like it has some potential”

  1. yep it has big potential as probably every Spider game but I’m doubting it will be fulfilled like with their previous games

  2. Greedfall sounds like a great concept but I’m nervous about the execution. Something about it feels… off. I want to like it. I want to be on board. But I’m very hesitant. At this point, I’m waiting on some in depth reviews at launch to make an informed decision. In my eyes, Greedfall is currently like a runaway train and I want to see how it stops. Will it wreck? Or will it pull off something spectacular? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Spiders last game got 56 on Metacritic. They seem to have improved their biggest flaw, the combat. I will remain sceptical though.

  4. I’m definitely cautiously excited about this one , given their record, as others have said. The only things that stood out to me in the gameplay reveal were the cape physics being janky at times , and the party you can have just standing around in a circle at camp . More concerned about the latter , it worries me the level of interaction of party npc’s and banter isn’t as strong as they’ve let on .

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