I liked the city of Atlantis. I liked how they included Juno, Aita and Otso Berg into the story. They really like to focus on order and chaos. The Assassin’s used to represent freedom and Templar’s control.

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5 thoughts on “What did you think of the AC Odyssey Judgement of Atlantis DLC?”

  1. Haven’t finished it. Not planning to. I think I’ve had enough of this kind of Assassin’s Creed.

    Which is actually funny because I was cumming buckets when Odyssey got announced and after I finished it it was GOTY for me. Well there wasn’t a lot of games for me to call GOTY in 2018.

    But after playing the first big DLC, and little bit of this DLC… I’m done.

    It’s big map, with 100000000000 question marks, shitty story, shitty side story… it’s boring af. Don’t know what got me so hard. I’m not a kind of guy who goes somewhere just so see how beautiful it looks.

    I don’t regret buying it. I enjoyed the game. But it was way too long and big for how shitty it is. Which is strange because I played Witcher 3 after relese twice in a row and later few more times and I still loved it. Don’t know what Odyssey is missing. Probably that story and great characters.

  2. just play like 1 hours or so.. so far its looks amazing and detailed.. really want full fledged mythology games.. love both CotP and Atlantis Expansion pack.. i hope gods and monsters is good game

  3. If they didn’t give Kassandra modesty shorts it’s not worth playing. Most of the main game is embarrassing upskirts, we didn’t need a dlc that adds more.

  4. Is this out? For some reason I thought it was not out until the 26th. Played all the other DLC, they did an incredible job on them, can’t wait to play this one. This game never gets old.

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