The subscription model and F2P model sounds really interesting.

1. Anyone would be able to use Stadia Base for free when they launch it in 2020. Stream up to 1080p/60FPS. Only caveat is that you have to buy the games off their store. But you basically can use their service for free.

2. Stadia Pro is their $9.99/month subscription model which is launching in November 2019. Up to 4K/60FPS, you get free games gradually like how Xbox game pass and PlayStation membership works. But of course, you still have to buy games off their store to play any actual games. You also get certain subscriber benefits like discounts.

3. Even if you do unsubscribe, you still get to keep all your games and you can still play them with Stadia Base because the service is ultimately free! That’s a game changer.

What do you guys think? I am actually pretty hyped about this. And the launch titles are insane, Baldurs Gate 3 by Larian Studos, new and existing Ubisoft title like AC Odyssey and Ghost Recon Breakpoin, upcoming Bethesda’s titles like Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein Young Blood, many more Indies etc. You can play games with mouse/keyboard, any controller you want as well.

Edit: I didn’t know US had data caps for home internet services. I live in Singapore and home internet usage is unlimited by default. Which is why I thought it would be incredible for some Asia countries where home usage is unlimited.

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23 thoughts on “What do you guys think about Stadia?”

  1. I have no interest in it. I don’t dislike it but I prefer having the games local for maximum quality and minimal latency.

  2. DoA because of the games being on a new platform. If it supported games from your own libraries like geforce now, it would be competitive.

  3. This is a PC gaming subreddit, so by default this is NOT THE CORE AUDIENCE.

    That said, I’m getting the founders kit, I see a lot of potential in this and am really excited for what they’re offering.

  4. It’s not going to be for a majority of people on this sub including myself.

    Saying that, this could be huge for the casual market.

  5. I will never use it personally but it gives users that don’t own gaming PCs the ability to play games they couldn’t otherwise play.

    They won’t do well in competitive titles due to added latency but at least they can play co-op or sp titles without issue.

  6. Not for me. Not interested. Keep the hardware innovation and enthusiasm when it comes to pc gaming in general local.

  7. By “Use their service for free” you mean, “buy games full price, that are only playable with good internet and even then are still pretty laggy”.

    Eh. I would be willing to accept the shortcomings if it was a 9.99$ service that had a whole bunch of free games, but if I’m buying games full price, I’m buying them anywhere else.

  8. Still don’t understand what it does. It’s a stream service for games, so you don’t have to buy a gpu? It’s for lower end pcs with on board gpus and 8gb of RAM?

    Streaming 4k/60hz for 4, 6, 10 hours? Looks like it’s only useful if you have Unlimited bandwidth AND at least 120 Mb/s internet. But then you would also have a high end pc…. so….

  9. As of now I have no interest. I could see it being good for single player games but I doubt they are launching with any of the titles I’m looking at getting and I don’t think it will have mod support. But I will never see me using this for competitive games like rocket league I just don’t see the benefit of streaming in competitive games it just adds input delay.

    I could see myself using this if it takes off and it gets mod support for single player games but when I’m playing games like rocket league trying to hit GC its just not worth it.

  10. It’s interesting. The lineup is solid, and for $10 per month with the ability to purchase games, it doesn’t sound bad.

    Couldn’t help but notice Metro Exodus is coming to it as well, so that whole year of Epic exclusivity has been one big lie. It’s one year of blocking Steam, which is pure bullshit.

  11. First of all better *”comment”* at as MegaThread and mods will remove yours as they already removed 10-15 other Stadia posts.

    And most importantly **Nothing** is Free on Stadia as it’s a `Sale Gimmick` you fell for. It’s either you Subscribe (buy PAYING) so that you get access to Streaming-Games and will also have Perks (which you already PAID for). Or you choose a service called *”Stadia Free”* because *being Free* ends there as that service *”Sells”* you games Individually (so you PAY) for you to buy.

    They tried to advert “Membership is FREE” and you totally bought it, because Membership is *”Already”* free on all other PC Gaming Platforms including Steam, GOG, Origin, UPlay and Epic. You forgot to tell, for Stadia you **need** Chrome to play it on PC as if Chrome was not a memory hog itself even being faster.

  12. It seems like a product for people who are not established in PC at all. There is nothing of value to existing PC users, just a $10/mo premium.

  13. its gonna flop, since just gonna work well for people on cities with actually a google datacenter on them.

  14. Stadia isn’t for me but I can see how it will appeal to some people.


    I’d be very concerned about how committed Google is to this. They have a history of abandoning things that don’t make money.

  15. They are not going to see a dime for me. I‘m not giving up any more of my user rights and will keep buying disks on console for as long as I can and drm free copies on PC.

    People will buy into this shit and eventually the exclusives will follow and the consumer‘s rights slowly be eroded.

  16. As someone that is on the road a good amount of time I definitely see the value in this. It would be great to crash at my hotel room pull out my tablet and play Football Manager, while doing some work on my laptop. Then switch to my laptop for that when I’m done with the work I was doing, then play the same game on the bus on my phone. The big downside on the travel front is of course no airplane usage.

  17. Coming from a third world country, not really interested. Internet here is always sub par (actually ass shit) compared to first world countries so will just stick to hardware and stuff.

  18. The main problem with streaming is that it sounds like an excellent idea until you realise just how bad your internet connection might be.

    Streaming is far more susceptible to latency than “render at client, connect to server” based games, because there is literally no way to “fake” reduction in latency at all. So unless you live within a certain distance from a server and have am uncapped internet service, chances are it’ll be a f’ing mess from the get go.

    Great idea in theory, but in practice it’s at least 10 years out from being workable.

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