Considering how much gaming improved in the last twenty years, going from the basic code game on a pc to different consoles and VR stuff what do you think will be the peak of gaming?

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9 thoughts on “What do you guys think the future of gaming going to look like?”

  1. I would say we are moving towards what is depicted in the movie “Ready Player One”. Full immersion haptic VR controlled by AI.

  2. Hmmm. Honestly, I dont think at this point we can even fathom what “peak gaming” would look like. Unless you considered the 90s the “peak”(which it was awesome! But not peak). I feel like VR with some sort or AI s
    Interface. Ultareal graphics and maybe 4d. I’m sure that will be the peak we see in our lifetimes. Assuming we all live another 50 years.

  3. Kind of like SAO, VR games that can have light affects on your body (maybe) and be controlled by your own nerve system.

  4. VR isn’t practical for the future of gaming. You would need biometric input for control. Which is so far off you’ll not see it in your lifetime. And wearing glasses/goggles, even if wireless, is super impractical. AR has a brighter future than VR, imo. VR will be more for training (military/medical), and tourism (travel the world. See the big concert/game from the comfort of your home).

    The future of gaming is mobile devices. We’re encroaching on a world where computers and phones will become so powerful, that games will have no restrictions. There won’t be a RAM limit. More processing power than any developer could actually utilize. And mobile, due to demand, will see improvements where home PCs should stagnate. Mobile is already progressing at a much more rapid rate than any form of tech in history. Much faster than PCs ever did.

    So phones and tablets will be kinda like the Nintendo switch. You’ll have 10000 terabytes of hard drive space, so you can download as many games as you want. From some means of digital distribution. You can also stream games. And all televisions and monitors will link up with your mobile device, so you can play any game on a larger screen with a controller should you choose.

    Mobile is the future of gaming. Everyone knows this. Literally the only people who don’t are video game consumers it seems.

  5. Somehow i still think its going to be world of warcraft classic server remaster warforged titanforged edition , but yea, probably little better vr

  6. i think VR will honestly fail, unless they create something like the Oasis from Ready Player One, i don’t really see it going anywhere. I honestly think Gaming will just be how it is now with graphics enhancements and maybe just maybe in the very far future games might be like they are in Star Wars with tabletop holograms

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