I just love it in games where each town you go to has its’ own character and story. It makes it feel like an adventure roadshow with something new to add to your photo album at every stop.

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10 thoughts on “What game world has your favourite ensemble of towns/villages?”

  1. Forza Horizon 4. I really feel like the different areas of the map do a good job of immersing you into that terrain or region. Another favorite of mine is GTAV

  2. Breath of the Wild:

    Gerudo Town: A female only city in the middle of a desert.

    Goron City: A town situated near a volcano

    Hateno Village: A peaceful and traditional town

    Kakariko Village: inspired by on old Japanese water village

    Lurelin Village: A beachside Village

    Rito Village: A Village set atop a high rocky outcropping, inhabited by bird people

    Tarrey Town: A town that you help to rebuild, one building at a time.

    Zora’s Domain: a Village set in a giant lake that’s home to fish people

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