14 thoughts on “What games have you played because you saw them in a YouTube / stream playthrough?”

  1. Not a single one. I am into Stellaris which takes weeks to months to play. It is a Grand Strategy game and I doubt i could sit through a thousand hours of game play on Youtube.

    Up vote to your post anyway. It is a valid question.

  2. Dishonored. I loved the style of gameplay bought it, then preordered the 2nd one. Fantastic series. I love games that have different ending based on how you play.

  3. 7 Days to Die.

    I have owned it since it first came out. I fire it up nearly every time a new Neebs Gaming video comes out.

  4. Planet Coaster since I was a fan of the old Roller Coaster Tycoon games. Gameplay videos really got me interested in it.

    Also Portal gameplay videos got me really into it

    Batman Arkham Asylum gameplay videos also enticed me to ask for it for Christmas 2009, best choice ever. I was always skeptical of Batman games prior to that point

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