7 thoughts on “What happend to the Empire Earth series?”

  1. Developers: Stainless Steel Studios -> Died in 2005

    Editor: Sierra -> Bought by Activision


    Now : Rebellion Developments owns the IP

  2. They made Empire Earth III, which effectively killed the awesome series where it stood and buried its corpse under a kilo ton of concrete.

    Empire Earth 2 (and possibly the first game, I never played it), is pretty damn fun.

  3. The 2nd one was way ahead of its time, and in some ways the black sheep in the series. Devs jampacked it with never-before seen features; dual minimaps, strategic planning layer, ‘growable’ heroic units in the expansion…it should’ve been the Age of Kings killer or atleast surpass the prequel but it couldn’t… It’s still easily in my top3 best RTS of all time. Multiplayer works with the [mod](https://www.ee2.eu/patch/) today.

    EE3 we don’t talk about.

  4. Same thing that happened to Supreme Commander: one of the sequels killed the series because the developers didn’t understand why the games were good.

    Now we’re in one of the worst periods for RTS games ever, after the death of Dawn of War, Company of Heroes going pay to win, StarCraft 2 just kind of sucking, Age of Empires 3 being decidedly average at best, Command & Conquer being dead, Total Annihilation is dead… besides Wargame and Men of War series it’s pretty lacking right now, and those games are more niche than the average RTS already was.

  5. Long storu short, their not as good as you remember. Age of Empires 2, Rise of Nations, Age of Mithology, Age of Empires 3, Starcraft 2, ETC. where all way more solid and better built. Then, account for EEE3 and you get the point.


  6. EE2 was middling at best compared to it’s competition and EE3 was an absolute shitshow. The sales reflected this so the IP doesn’t have any particular momentum worth the time investment for a reboot or sequel.

    I actually bought EE2 over AoE3 when they were new. I played it enough to where I felt I got my money’s worth, but it was really nothing special. When you really get into it you get the feeling that it was never finished. There’s so many little things that get up your ass that give the vibe of the devs going fuck it, deadline’s next week this is good enough. You can forgive a certain amount of that, but when it’s like 45 separate things it gets old.

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