28 thoughts on “What is the best single player (story mode, offline) game you have played in the past 5 years?”

  1. For story, and how much it impact me it has to be Life Is Strange. It’s not for everyone but holy shit did that game linger on my mind for months

  2. Rimworld.

    It’s not necessarily a narrative experience like a lot of the other games being posted, but the tools are there to create a better story and have some funny (if not, like, *insanely* fucking dark) moments and recounting them to friends is pretty cool. That and you can do a lot with the game. Don’t like combat? You can basically disable it and it’s just a city builder, more or less. Don’t like the building or resource gathering but like the RTS-lite combat? Mods out there for you too. The game gives you a ton of options to do what you want in the universe it sets for you.

    There’s a good reason the developer calls it a story generator.

  3. Witcher 3 and I don’t even like fantasy/medieval times and stuff. It’s amazing on so many levels, mainly how the story grips you more and more as you play and make choices.

  4. Witcher 3 was great, but there have been quite a few good ones over the last 5 years (Doom, Prey, Dishonored, Deus Ex, Yakuza, just to name a few).

  5. Alien Isolation. It was a riveting experience from start to finish. I never expected that not only would we finally get a good Alien game from the Total War devs, of all people, but that it would be one of the best singleplayer games of all time, and an even better sequel to Alien then Aliens was.

  6. Portal 1 and 2 ( I know that’s two games I’m sorry ) they were genuinely really fun for me to play.

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