This could range from anything in particular, battle royale, MMO’s, FPS games, etc. One of my favorites has to be Warframe for how much replay value it truly has. But what about everyone else here? What would you say your favorites are, if you dont have multiple it can also be one favorite, either or!

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37 thoughts on “What is your favorite Free to Play game as of 2019?”

  1. It’s still, to this day, team fortress 2. I like the other mentions here, but no other game has me coming back like tf2 for nearly a decade at this point!

  2. Occupy White Walls

    You create digital art galleries with real art. No form of monetization yet, but I believe it is funded by real galleries.

    There’s not much gameplay beyond building a gallery and curating the collection, but it’s a nice and calming game.

  3. Warframe. Absolutely. although in the past few weeks i’ve kind of run out of things to do but that’s sort of on me playing it so much. i’m top level standing with everyone, got my wisp, Loki is the only prime frame i’m missing but i never play Loki so didn’t see the point grinding for him… taken a break the past week

  4. DotA 2 is THE free to play as it really is completely free to play. Gwent is also really fair when it comes to monetization.

  5. Planetside 2 definitely, over 4000h played. It just recently had an DX11 update, which improved the performance a lot, so now’s a good change to give it a try if you havent already. The file size also dropped just to 10gb, so it quite fast to download.

  6. **Team Fortress 2** – 12 years old and still one of the most played games on Steam. Also one of the best FPS games in general.

    **Warframe** – A ludicrous amount of content for nothing at all, and frequent updates. The devs have completely overhauled all of the games systems and mechanics several times. This is basically Warframe 3 at this point, but instead of releasing separate games, they updated the one they had.

    **Guild Wars 2** – Not a true free-to-play, but more like an indefinite trial. Still, you get 99% of the base game for free. GW2 manages to somehow be both the most relaxed, casual MMO, while also providing great endgame content that requires skilled play.

  7. **Battlerite** – its a fun, action heavy MOBA arena game where you fight 2v2 or 3v3. Really fun and smooth gameplay, just needs a bit more loving from the devs at the moment.

  8. Warthunder and Path of Exile are tied for me. Both games I’ll come back to now and then for some fun. It just depends what type of game I want to play at the time.

  9. Ring of Elysium. Much less serious and (to me) fun version of PUBG. The movement packs make this game unique and if Aurora would keep adding content vs just making things look prettier this will keep being at the top of my F2P list

  10. Apex
    despite lack of new content, it’s still the most enjoyable BR out there
    whenever I feel like playing a few rounds of BR, it’s my go to title

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