18 thoughts on “What was your first ever Street Fighter experience?”

  1. Getting a SNES with Street Fighter 2 TURBO II and getting absolutely whooped by my old man 👌🏼

    Then mastering Sagat and completely owning his old ass (I was 8/9 which would make him 33/34), I had some great times playing that after school with him, I remember there was a games club in the next town to us at a game shop called CoolSpot. I’m pretty sure they had their own game about a red pill looking guy with shades (obviously because he was cool) and us playing there on the arcades. We paid a membership so the arcades were free for us. Just awesome times.

  2. I played it in the arcade with my older brother back in 1992 or 93. I beat him in the game and he got so mad that he beat me up. Good times

  3. Come to think of it, i don’t think I’ve ever played a Street Fighter game. Dark Siders, Mortal Kombat, Dead of Alive, One Must Fall, Clay Fighters, Killer Instinct, Soul Caliber… But never a Street Fighter.

  4. Played the original Street Fighter (1 not 2) in the arcade as a kid and was blown away by it. I was so excited to see it come out on home computers in ’88 and picked up the game on the Sinclair Spectrum. After a long Saturday gaming session I finally beat Sagat and finished the game. I leapt up from my chair screaming out in excitement and raced down the stairs to tell my parents of my achievement. To this day I still remember the look of complete confusion on their faces, they had no idea who the fuck Sagat was and or the challenge I’d overcome to beat him.

  5. button mashing the hell out of it on my sega with my dad lol I loved Dhalsim cuz of his stretchy arms and bison cuz his fist changed colors.

  6. Earliest I can think is my friend Evyn and I button mashing each other to death on weekends when we were like four or five. He lived just across the street, which was awesome.

  7. Was on holiday as a kid with my family, the bar had SF2 on the arcade machine and I played all night with some local kids. I speak english, they speak spanish, what a great laugh we had!

  8. I have a memory of trying the original street fighter with the punch pad thing at a fair. I lost the first round, and another kid watching me said he’d show me how to do it.
    So I let him and he lost the second round.

  9. putting up your quarter to que yourself at the arcade, I feel bad for kids who won’t get the arcade experience

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