3 thoughts on “What’s next for the Frostpunk studio (Eurogamer interview with 11 Bit Studio about their next game)”

  1. Project 8 is the development name for the game.

    Pre-Production started last year in 2018 but they’re still in Pre-Production going into Production this year.

    >Two things to know about Project 8 are: 11 bit is mechanically changing tack again, and the new game will have more of a celebratory tone than the dour games before it. But it will still unmistakably be 11 bit.

    >Project 8 will be 11 bit’s most ambitious project to date but the studio doesn’t want to go toe-to-toe with blockbusters. It wants to occupy a different niche, provide an alternative – “not a huge 80-hour monstrosity that will be your new hobby”. “We want to give you a thing you can experience and take something from,” Fijak says.

    Should be out by 2021 though it’s not a definite release date according to Fijak.

  2. >Project 8 will be the first game 11 bit has made with consoles in mind from the outset


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