All those games for £1 a month? Tbh I just really want to play Hollow Knight and Ori & the Blind Forest but as a broke college student, can’t really go wrong with £1 a month.

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21 thoughts on “What’s the catch with Xbox One Games Pass Beta on PC?”

  1. Nothing really from what i see. I bought it with some friends and then canceled once we were done with sea of theives

  2. i don’t think there is a catch, they’re just trying to get people interested in gamepass, so they’re taking a monetary hit to generate interest

  3. Not really a catch. I grabbed it to play gears. It gave me the option of 2$ for 2 months so I took that one.

    Been working great so far.

    If you want achievements to pop up I had to install the console companion and disable windows 10 focus assist.

    Other than that, kinda neat Service for games I’ll never play more than once

  4. If you don’t care about owning games that you will probably play once and never touch again then there is no catch. It’s 100% worth it.

  5. You don’t own it and no mods as far as I’m aware.

    How sustainable it is, especially for smaller devs and whether it is an attempt to butter us up for subscription based games and other possible shady practices that could easily hook into this model in an attempt to normalise anti consumer practices is another question.

  6. As long as there is the option to buy the games permanently I don’t see the downside. If you enough games, like three or four a year from any one of these services, you end up paying for the cost of the sub plus access to anything else on the service. Plus you can play the game at launch and then latter buy the game on sale so that’s another possible benefit.

    If you’re only going to play a few games each year and replay them then it’s probably not worth it. I think of it like lease vs. buy for a car. If you’re always going to want a new car, a lease makes sense. If you’re going to hold on to a car for 10+ years then buy it outright.

  7. 1 buck for only the first month. You also don’t own the games so you don’t have access to them on your system but you have the option to buy any of their games at a discount.

  8. The price will eventually increase for everybody, it will say somewhere what the price will be. In the US it’s going up to $10 a month eventually. It also has all Microsoft published games day one.

    There’s no catch or hidden fees. You’ll also find that there’s a bunch of other subscriptions services. EA Access, UPlay+, Humble Bundle Monthly. EA Access is the only one with two tiers, the more expensive one getting EA published games a few days before release.

    The Epic Games Store gives out 1-2 free games each week, not on a subscription, just free. You might be kicking yourself over this if you didn’t know as they gave away all the Arkham Batman games (except Origins) a week or two ago.

  9. Well as long as you realise it’s 10 a month and not 1 after the beta…

    GamePass in general will lead to more and more unfinished games, payed DLC and Microtransactions, so if you’re ok with this, support it.

  10. None.

    Spent 1 euro, got Gears 5, completed it, cancelled the subscription, enjoyed the game, but no intention on playing any of the other limited number of games on offer.

  11. Played Gears 4 & 5 on this and it’s been working well, for £2 it’s an absolute steal! What I’ve also been doing is downloading other games off there and treating it kinda like a demo disk, making a list of things i’ll buy when my sub runs out or later down the line. Just remember to cancel the sub before the end date or you will be charged again for another month.

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