12 thoughts on “When you go back and farm old Bosses”

  1. I remember in WoW probably around wotlk or cata, some Guildford were running old raids for fun and said I should join them. They were doing MC and by the time I arrived they were on the hounds, but stuck. They could easily 1 shot any boss, but the hounds need to die simultaneously.

    It was quite amusing because they had no aoe so here was these overpowered adventures getting stuck in a respawn loop.

    Some other old bosses had equally troublesome mechanics. Especially mind control.

  2. *Am I spending to much time on Easter eggs?* Of course not, and I ain’t falling for that Mimic again let me tell you.

  3. That last panel is our DM’s face on the first game-night when he realized he needed to give us challenge with two paladins in our team.
    “Okay, um… 9 goblins and a giant hawk come after you-”

    One shotted everyone.

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