31 thoughts on “Who remembers this game?”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s on sale on either steam or epic right now. I don’t remember which but I do remember it’s cheap.

  2. I would pay for a remake 100% if the rights to GUN were for sale I’d do the remaster myself. My favorite western shooter of all time.

  3. One of the few games that just straight up show someone getting their throat slit. Seeing that happen to the woman blew my mind as a kid. Not to mention the scalping, and giblets you produced from using explosives.

  4. I remembered loving it on PS2 when I was in middle school. Then I saw it on 360, had such a blast going through it again and getting all the gamer score 😁

  5. I remember my cousins brought their PS2 to my grandparents’ house over Thanksgiving and I spent most of the weekend playing, and beating it. That’s what i remember anyway, could it have been that short?

  6. Just gonna put it out there that the original creator would love to do a Sequel for this game. However don’t understand how he would considering the ending of it

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