27 thoughts on “Who says gaming is bad??”

  1. Sad that the community has decided to blame “the media” rather than the handful of Republicans that actually said this.

  2. Videogame coverage on Fox news absolutely seems to cause shitty posts on r/gaming, and that can’t help mass shootings get addressed.

    Lax gun laws contribute to mass shootings, and so do feelings of cultural impotence.

    r/gaming can address the second one by downvoting the fuck out of posts like these, so we can stop flaunting our flaccid potentials.

  3. Usually when i try friendly behaviour in any games, i get shot. Even if i approach people with no weapons and it’s obvious i can’t do any harm to them, they still instantly attack.

  4. I like that everyone has relaxed enough to have a campfire together, but not enough to stop pointing guns at each other.

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