11 thoughts on “Who will win the GPU battle this year?”

  1. I’d be willing to bet it’s the 2 massive companies that continue to charge more and more for negligible increases in performance and not the consumers.

  2. Overall sales, numbers 1 to 5 best sellers, revenue, 4 most powerful GPU’s, drivers with most unavoidable telemetry, most absurdly insecure and privacy invading software suite – Nvidia. (Special awards for hysterically bad soundbites during reveal announcement, and most dubious new technologies)

    Best value midrange card that get outsold 5 to 1 by Nvidia’s substandard equivalent, most effective space heater, – AMD. (Special mention for giving gamers the grand choice of two cards that perform identically with a little tweak)

    In other words, just like every year.

  3. AMD gave up trying to compete with Nvidia long time ago. They do the bare minimum to get some budget-cards out and put their R&D money into CPUs and APUs.

  4. I know nvidia gear and I’m just waiting for prices to drop enough to make a new card worthwhile enough. As for which distributor? Probably don’t care to go with MSI again. EVGA? ZOTAC? No idea really. But hey, I wanted around 5 years worth of performance.

    Honestly in my rig (with a 4790k) a gtx960 4gb might’ve been a bit of a bottleneck but a lot of games could hit 60-80fps (that I cap at 60) with little coaxing. But I’m looking to get to the point I can pretty much max out my library at 1080 to start.

    Anyhow, back on topic, when would I pick AMD? When I want to build a mini – rig with an apu I can shove in the tv cabinet. Because the 2000 series impressed me.

    But I think nvidia is the horsepower company.

  5. I don’t know, but there should be! Cracking off with intel xe. Will the tech giant pull off its initial launch of a potentially ground-breaking leap forward in gpu technology? Let’s fucking hope!

  6. I know this post is a little old now, but I’m gonna say nvidia, as usual. I consider myself somewhat of a AMD fanboy. I have been for years. I still bought a rtx 2080 when building my current rig.

    AMD is killing it in the cpu market space. Personally, I’m perfectly happy with that. If they manage to pull a rabbit out of their hat this summer with a killer gpu line up, even better. If not, nvidia is going to continue killing it .

    I don’t really believe Intel is going to be bringing much to the table at first. They have acquired some top talent sure, but unless they’re crazy lucky, their first attempt is probably going to be pretty rough around the edges. I hope they make me eat my words, though.

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