48 thoughts on “Who’s that Pokémon?”

  1. Oh shit he used sleep powder

    Oh shit he took advantage of them while they slept

    Who’s that pokemon?

    … Its Bill Crosby

  2. Female bulba:
    oh shit she used sleep powder!
    Oh shit she used payday!
    Oh shit she evolved into a Niki Minaj!

  3. Oh shit, ‘OP’ woke up! From 2015! Man, a real life time traveller! What was like back then, OP? Sure are glad you brought back some of those memes to share with us here in 2019.

  4. This is my meme from my I funny account In 2011… Let’s see if I remember my password and account name

  5. Wish it had a comma:

    >Oh shit, he grew to LV. 10!

    >Oh shit, he learned SLEEP POWDER!

    >Oh shit, he woke up!

    >Oh shit, he is evolving!

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