I mean GTAV was SO much better in PC and had so many things improved that wait was easily worth it.

They already said that there are new quests and new weapons available as well as new graphic visuals. What more do you want?

So many of you keep saying that you are threated like garbage and pirate game. You dont even know what features PC version has.

And guys. It has been LESS than a year when this game came out on consoles. I am pretty happy myself.

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15 thoughts on “Why are people so hell bend swearing that rockstar threats PC gamers like garbage?”

  1. the outrage train was losing steam after the news came out that BL3 sold reasonably well (much to this subs chagrin). needed a new controversy to ramp it back up. ALL ABOARD

  2. Because we are the last to see the game. A fucking year later. Meanwhile console players are laughing in our faces because dumb dumb. Money, money, money.

  3. They released GTA V on PC a year and a half after console release to maximise profits, to “triple dip”.

    They’ve done the same with RDR 2, as the game is coming out a year later.

    I don’t know what other stuff people are complaining about, because apart from the massively delayed release. GTA V was an amazing port, with so many graphic settings that even the best PC games don’t have.

    Edit: Completely forgot, everything to do with Take Two trying to kill modding, including sending a C&D to OpenIV.

  4. Look at R*’s history with PC games, only Max Payne 3 and GTA V have actually been good ports. Add to that the massive delays to the PC versions so they could double-dip (or in GTA V’s case, triple dip) their customers.

    PC is a second class citizen to rockstar for no reason other than making people buy the console versions first.

  5. look at rockstars port history since gta 3

    the most blatant one being san andreas,lots of shit was cut from the ps2 release

  6. Rockstar gives us handfull of free games, like Max Payne and LA Noire… i dont feel threated like garbage. I love to finally play those games!

  7. Because they take advantage of consumers knowing they will double dip so they can play the game earlier, will happily ruin online in their games so they can monetize it all while they pay nothing in tax as they claim millions in tax relief.

    Garbage company

  8. I learned my lesson after GTAV and haven’t bothered with RDR2 on console. I have plenty of great games to play. It’s kind of scummy to release it so much later and without a doubt profits are a factor but they have a solid track record of releasing amazing PC versions so I can live with it.

  9. Lmao I hope this is bait. It’s pretty embarrassing to admit you don’t know something so blatantly obvious.

  10. IMO people should be more angry about this than they are. I saw too many people ok with the fact that rdr2 was intentionally delayed so rockstar can cash in on the people who have no self control who will buy it on console and then on pc while the rest of pc gamers have to be punishedby having to wait 6 months. What is good about you having to wait 6 months? I would not take this crap from any other company and i wont take it from rockstar. Rockstar totally shafted pc gamers to make a buck. But the thing is a lot of people don’t seem to mind they even say they it’s a good thing so why not milk it if people don’t mind getting milked.

  11. Imagine you go to a great new brunch place and people are waiting in line for it to open, then the manager comes out and says all the bald fat guys get to go in but all the Zeus looking guys have to wait. When the Zeus looking guys say “WTF, can we even get brunch at some point dude?” The manager looks at you straight in the eyes but says nothing, then a few days later gives an interview about how much EVERYONE fucking loves their brunch.


    But you just stayed waiting with your only hope being the knowledge that you were allowed to get in last Sunday, but wrestle with the fear that the last time they served the special western Benedict, the manager never let you in and still till this day, you never got it.


    How would you feel?

  12. It takes even longer for the game to go on sale. Don’t care about waiting a year but the game will inevitably come out at full price and then take even longer to reduce.

    Saying it is a year late to me is basically saying I will be waiting 2 years instead of 1 to play it.

    Although TBH after my console friends reviews I might wait longer. That game went from “this is so amazing” to “got bored didn’t finish” in a couple of weeks. Sounds like it puts you on rails a lot with its missions and requires some serious patience if you don’t get sucked in/properly immersed.

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