I mean the story is kinda interesting but that’s it. Almost everything else about the game is terrible. It’s like I’m slowly prying open a story and that’s it. Why did it sell 1m copies? Was it just people circlejerking and bandwagoning the game?

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24 thoughts on “Why did people like undertale so much?”

  1. because it provided an enriching story with great mechanics, and made many nostalgic about the rpg franchise with its graphics and battle system

  2. First, it’s made by one guy without much programming knowledge, therefore the graphics and technical aspects are not great (the music, IMO, is impressive; the combat system, really original and creative).

    Second, the story is not that great but it’s good, but it’s the meta-story what really shines. Dialogs change depending on your actions. It is a homage and parody of old-school RPGs. You can beat the game without killing any enemy (pacifist run), and you can do it killing everything (homicide run). If you choose the latter, monsters will be afraid of you and you will realize YOU are the villain in the game. It makes the player question pillars of RPGs like “why do you need to attack and kill everything that moves?”.

    Compare it to GTA V and it’s not that great. But put into context, it’s the work of one guy that spent months and years creating it. The OST is great. The story is OK, but the way it tears down the fourth wall and makes think or feel empathy for its characters… Is amazing and very well done.

  3. Because when you give something a backstory and a great personality its hard to stab the tall funny skeleton man.

  4. possible minor spoilers if you super sensitive about whats a spoiler

    I killed a friend accidentally. they wouldn’t let me do something and imitated combat. i though if I hit them hard they let me pass. they died. i reloaded a save from before, and a little latter another character told me he knew what I did and explained my save reloading.

    thast happened near the beginning ands part of why this game is great

  5. Fun story (where the “monsters” are actually friendly, sapient beings), great music, “happy” ending for once (seriously, what’s the obsession with negative or melancholy endings these days?). Nice mix of action and exploration. Likeable characters.

    I mean it’s fine if it’s not your cup of tea. I don’t like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter and apparently that puts me in the minority. People just like different things.

  6. It was a pleasant surprise for me because, besides the terrible graphics, the game had fun characters and story, and also intriguing mechanics and boss fights.

    Some parts were more frustrating than funny, but overall I think it was a really interesting game.

  7. mob mentality, to be fair it was a good game with interesting mechanics and storyline, it then went viral hence the popularity.

  8. When I played GOW (2018), *the* most praised game from last year (and keep in mind i’m a fan of the older GOW games), I thought the story was uninteresting and gameplay was boringly underwhelming. It still sold like pancakes and is revered as the second coming of Christ by a huge number of people.

    Sometimes the game just doesn’t click with you, that’s how it is.

  9. Not everyone enjoys every game, not sure why you can’t seem to come to grips with that. I absolutely cannot stand any of the Halo games, but I can appreciate that *many* other people love them. It’s not circlejerking and bandwagoning for a popular game you don’t happen to like.

  10. It’s a light, jokey, meme-y game that was hard to hate. It’s the equivalent of all those dumb jokes that get upvoted to the top of everything. Everyone seems to love them. They don’t say or do anything of consequence. They don’t challenge you. They are inoffensive.

    But that said, while I did enjoy it and would say it has more redeeming qualities than negative ones, this game seems way overrated. I would like to see a world where people bandwagon less and group think less and give other things a chance to succeed.

  11. I think it was because it was different (an rpg you could beat without doing any battles at all, iirc).

    The art/visual style kept me away though, so I haven’t played it before. A friend got it during it’s hypetrain release though, he seemed to like it.

  12. Remember, kids: calling something “terrible” with nothing to back you up does not make your opinion a “opinion”;but a bait and/or a mindless rage.

  13. similar to tastes in food, music, movies, etc. if it isn’t your thing,move along. you arent forced to play it.

  14. The game tried to be quirky and it was when every one thought that was cool. People freaking out because a character likes spaghetti. Not saying it’s a bad game but I like it more for the mechanics rather than the story.

  15. Same reason people liked the Deadpool movies:

    It was their first real exposure to fourth-wall breaking and they enjoyed the shallow novelty of it.

  16. It didn’t resonate with me, but I can’t act like I don’t understand that other people might like it. It was neat and did some interesting things.

  17. Great story, unique gameplay mechanics, great music, enjoyable characters, funny writing.

    It’s really a great game

  18. It was the novelty of it and nostalgic throwback to SNES games, then a lot of games started to copy this style.

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