28 thoughts on “Why I’ll never complete the story.”

  1. “I’ll just do this side quest real quick.” *5 hours later*
    “Just 1 more side quest. Then I’ll do the main quest.”
    *5 more hours later* “Okay now I’ll do the main- oooooh a new side quest”

  2. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’ve played Skyrim 3 times but I have never actually finished the main story. The one time I was close, my computer broke down and that was the end of it.

  3. Same problem for me! I had to start my game over after I switched from PS3 to Xbox One, so it’s taking me even longer.

  4. I eventually complete the main quest just going around to regions clearing quests. Do a round in Windhelm, return to Whiterun, guess I’ll head to Riverwood to see Delphine, oh I have some quests up by solitude and need to go see the vampires, so that’s 4 quests I can do…

  5. I don’t even get to that part; usually get stuck trying to find the perfect load order for mods or get bored after making the perfect character in creation.

  6. My SO’s Martin is still in Kvatch. She’s the thumb of the black hand, the Grey Fox, Grand Champion, and more stuff that I’ve forgotten, but she’s still not the Hero of Kvatch.

  7. According to Steam, I’ve spent an approximate total of 1203 hours in a bethesda game in my lifetime. I’ve never once completed a main story.

  8. Me: Opens up chest to find some odd cube thing

    Also Me: I wonder what this thing is…

    Long story short, never take white cubes from ANY chest you loot.

  9. You’re not missing much. There isn’t anything spectacularly different in the main quests than there is in sidequests or dungeons.

  10. The main quest is fun for the first time. Since no enemies really value their lives against a person who can slay dragons with shouts and sometimes even just with fists, and then absorb their souls, it’s better to just travel the world as an adventurer.

  11. It’s been 8 years since release. If you havent completed the story by now you were never going to in the first place.

  12. You really didn’t miss anything. The big fight with Alduin is a boring average dragon fight, but with reduced visibility. There’s a mod that makes it a truly epic fight with phases and extra dimensions and all that, but the vanilla ending is… meh.

    Like… in New Vegas, I really didn’t care about the dam or the armies fighting over it. The story told by the DLCs was the “real” story to me.

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