Seriously, imagine playing something stealthy where you can freely move with a stick, changing your character speed with it. It would be the best of two worlds. Console gaming has this immersive control that drives me crazy. The idea of starting to walk slowly whenever I want, without being stuck in 2 “speeds”. Why the industry haven’t worked on this yet?

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10 thoughts on “Why we don’t have analog sticks on our keyboards?”

  1. I believe I’ve heard something about a company making a keyboard with analog input on some of the keys. Gotta go to work so use your Google Fu.

  2. Why would we need sticks on a keyboard? At that point you’d just use a controller. This is what pressure-sensitive keys would be useful for… if large companies bothered to invest and market such features.

  3. Use a controller if you want that. Hell, plug one in and just use it when you want to do whatever it is you’re trying to explain.

  4. You could get a gaming keypad like [this]( or [this]( They have analog sticks just like controllers. I use one, but I still prefer to use the wasd keys for movement. I use the analog stick for other actions.

  5. Because where will you put the analog stick? You don’t just move with your left hand, at the bare minimum you switch weapons and change stances with that hand.

    The options a controller will provide with the left hand only (given that your right one is aiming with the mouse) are too limited and that’s considering gripping something similar to a controller, you’re suggesting adding analog *sticks* to a keyboard. Competitive games don’t really have a problem in my eyes as usually you want to go fast or slow (2 speeds) and there’s systems that control your movement speed with the scroll wheel which is also as good as if not better than an analog stick in my opinion.

    Analog keys would be the best approach but really they are not as handy as it sounds. On a PC you may have all sorts of peripherals so for a driving game you can get a wheel, fighting games with a stick, etc. So I don’t see why overloading a keyboard with unnecessary functions when it’s primarily a typing device sounds like a good idea.

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