25 thoughts on “Why you should always play games in VR.”

  1. If anyone is wondering, the game is **Custom Order Maid 3D 2**

    It’s a Japanese hentai game, where you can customize your own maid/s and do *very* naughty things with her/them.

  2. Good ol’ Custom Order Maid 3D 2.

    ^ Sauce if anyone cares.

    v Synopsis if anyone cares.

    You inherit a clubhouse from your uncle as he is retiring. You train maids to become maids and night service girls. You have a personal maid team and a free maid team.

    v My review if anyone cares.

    Animation quality is okay, the character models are pretty good. It needs better and more jiggle physics. The sound quality is good. It’s got fan patches for subs, but it’s Japanese only.

    It’s an expensive game *IF* you buy it. ((Wink Wink))

    Koikatsu anther game by a company named Illusion has much better animation but it lacks the features it’s predecessor Artificial Academy 2 had that made its great.

  3. This remind of going into camera mode in Smash and taking upskirt pictures of the female characters.

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