36 thoughts on “Wife: “Get off the couch. You’ve been playing video games for hours””

  1. If it were me though I’d rather lay on the rocks and stare into the beauty of nature.

    Sorry, I like videogames, but I’d rather not play them if I’m staring at nature

  2. I can imagine the guy who took this lookin’ like the guy who took a picture of his vape on the beach.

  3. Not to be an ass, but you guys remember that post the other day asking for a change to this subreddit? Yea these are the kind of posts he was referring to.

  4. Wait a minute I’ve seen this photo before. Isn’t this an official Nintendo picture? Like it was posted on Twitter or a Nintendo site of some sort.

  5. Haha, look at me, I’m epic gamer. No time for spending quality time with a loved one who’s worried that I may have a problem with video game addiction, and all they want to do is spend time with me but I choose to arrogantly neglect their approach and then ask myself later why my relationships are failing.

    XD LOL epIc GamEr time!

  6. Honestly, with how bright you had to set your screen to see only the slightest bit you would get about 5 mins of playtime

  7. Look I think everybody in this subreddit enjoys videogames. But if you have a chance to travel like this then maybe you should take it and try to enjoy it. It might not last forever.

  8. I’m gonna start taking my Switch places and post it all over Reddit and be so rich in imaginary Internet points too.

    Dunno what I’ll do with them tho???

  9. What’s more sad?

    – Bringing it along with intentions to play.
    – Bringing it along with NO intentions to play.

  10. Imagine not being able to leave your house without your video games. And then imagine having to make up a fake scenario to justify your worthless picture to beg for karma.

  11. Most of the comments are aware of the low quality, circlejerk post that this is yet so many upvotes and gold.

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