8 thoughts on “Win 10 1903 feature: OS Variable Refresh Rate”

  1. Very interesting seeing Microsoft implement support for software that doesn’t natively support the technology, will be interesting to see how well it works in practice.

    Does it require Fullscreen Optimizations to be enabled to function in fullscreen display modes?

  2. How long it will take on MS/Nvidia to support dual monitors with different refresh rates, both in the same GPU?

  3. Don’t need variable refresh rate on the desktop, but what I wish was easier to do is toggle between variable refresh rate in games and ultra low motion blur on the desktop. ULMB is great for scrolling through web pages with a bunch of text, but right now if I want to enable it after playing a game I need to turn off overclocking on my monitor, reboot my monitor, turn off G-sync in the control panel, and then enable ULMB. Inverse goes for when I want variable refresh rate in games.

    Not really worth the hassle, so I never do it.

  4. Yes, please beta test 1903 more for them, so they get more people bitching about how broken it is. Worst update I’ve done.

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