41 thoughts on “With Destroy all Humans and Battle for Bikini Bottom being remastered I ask for only this to be next”

  1. Please combine all the Tony hawk games into one with original sound track, and with the Dave Mira bmx as a side option.

  2. I remember beating it for the second time and being pleasantly surprised when you decked the asshole and just took the tape

  3. I have such fond memories playing this game’ it’s probably my favorite next to THPS2. I wasn’t allowed to play Teen rated games until I was actually a teenager but my older cousin was rad as hell and used to let me borrow his copy to play in secret.

    Thanks for keeping it real cuz

  4. So, any game developers willing to make a skater title that recaptures all of the magic that Tony Hawk games had?

  5. Never gonna happen. Activision lost the Tony Hawk license not long after Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 released and Tony Hawk has been working with a new partner since then. He’s never going to relicense to Activision after the shitshow that was THPS5 and the mediocre THPS HD.

  6. I’ll never forgive that buzz cut shit for claiming my footage of jumping that helicopter in Hawaii.

  7. This game is so fuckin legendary, I have so many good memories playing this. One of the games I have the best memories of playing when I was younger

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