46 thoughts on “Wooden Cases for Spyro”

  1. those are really beautiful.

    thank you for sharing.

    [i’m not entirely sold on spyro’s expression on the back side of the middle case, but the rest is great.]

  2. Really cool and must have taken a lot of time. I hate to nitpick but the fact it’s rated “Teen” bugs me. And I’m pretty sure Spyro on the back was the same Spyro on the cover of the PS4 reignited trilogy. Wish they kept it PS1 Spryo.

  3. Still waiting for Spyro to be annouced for the Switch. Until that happens, I’m just going to get salty every time someone brings it up.

  4. Fuck I thought this was a static image and the sudden gloved hands really freaked me out.

    Awesome cases though.

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