I have a voucher for a free 14 day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I was hoping to use it to blast through a few short games; is it even possible to run Game Pass on Windows 7, however?


Skimming through the list of games, I didn’t see a single one with Minimum Requirements of anything less than Windows 10. Not even low-spec games like Hotline Miami or Hatoful Boyfriend.


On the off-chance that it is possible to run on Windows 7, which games are short enough to be finished quickly within the trial period? I already own Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Tacoma, but Ruiner, Old Man’s Journey and Superhot also look like good options.

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8 thoughts on “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate- compatible with Windows 7?”

  1. Not only is it not possible to run the new Xbox app on Windows 7, you also can’t run it if you’re on an older version of Windows 10. You need the absolute latest version of Windows 10 (1903) to run it.

    Just go upgrade. Run an unlicensed copy and deal with the watermark if you don’t want to pay.

  2. Windows 10’s automatic updates are calling. Don’t get me wrong, W7 was *amazing*, and still is, but due to so many products ending support for the operating system, you’re better off upgrading to Windows 10 now. It’s at the point where the OS is much more refined than the initial releases of W10 and I’m actually very content with it now (and that’s coming from a huge Windows 7 fan).

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