35 thoughts on “Yennefer of Vengerburg cosplay by Tahnee Harrison”

  1. Finished The Last Wish last night. An epic moment when I learned how they met since I’ve it played Witcher 3 and that more than 2 years ago.

  2. I think these cosplays are great, but just to point this out for any folks getting into it: Yen, at least in the books, wears exclusively black and white.

  3. For once I had to zoom to see which was real not because the model is so photoshopped, but because the game is so damn good.

  4. just starting The witcher 3. New to the witcher series here i have no idea who this woman is at this time.


    I don’t know if i should play the first two games first before playing the 3rd one..

  5. I think it’s dumb how many people say it looks better than the show, as if the game’s version of Yennefer is the one true version of her. I actually think this cosplay is kind of lacking because of the sheer amount of make up the model has on her face. It’s just way too much.

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