5 thoughts on “you wonder how they can keep such a massive game (gta 6) a secret? No leaks and so on?”

  1. Yeah it’s easy. The employees value their jobs and know if they ever got caught leaking anything they’d not only be fired for violating the NDA, they’d basically be blackballed in the industry because nobody wants to hire someone like that

  2. You’d lose your job and never work in the gaming industry again. Possibly get sued as well….All this is probably an effective deterrent.

  3. Because people don’t care about leaks until what’s being leaked is interesting. Everyone knows GTA6 is being worked on at some level but until a suspected release date or plot info is available leaks would be pretty boring. So typically the time you get good leaks is shortly before the company plans on announcing the information themselves.

  4. Games like that take time and RDR2 (Rockstars latest huge investment) came out less than a year ago. If GTA6 is going into production, it is probably still in the draft board and heavily under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) such that noone can talk about without facing HUGE legal troubles.

    As someone who operates under NDAs as a biochemist, believe me when I say that leaking something is not worth the possible financial trouble that causes.

    Only way those leaks can happen is by white-hat hackers who dig that information illegally. But who cares anyway? I say just be patient.

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