8 thoughts on “[YouTube Game Critics Hit Piece] Meet the angry gaming YouTubers who turn outrage into views”

  1. This man reportedly contacted all the advertisers of the YouTube Game Critics and advertisers started dropping them. He has also retweeted a tweet that implied a coordinated attack to pressure advertisers into dropping ads on the creators.

  2. Sad thing is that I will watch some moron in his basement complain about microtransactions over any crap cnet puts out. Plenty of people are willing to do game videos for free and better quality than the old sites.

  3. I think it’s nearing the breaking point more and more videos are being made calling out a lot of the youtubers in this article listed. These people all share the same opinions the same thumbnails and only say things the audience wants to hear. Let’s plays are dead now all that is left on gaming for YouTube is talking about either current events or something negative while a video game plays in the background.

    My biggest problem is the cowardice some of these people portray for instance the Quartering will go on and on about how bad gay people in games are only when he’s questioned about he pulls a “oh I don’t mean that”. They only say this shit since it gets views honestly most of the anti SJW crowd on YouTube are just doing it for money.

    Ever since Totalbiscuit died these people have flooded the gaming scene but barely put in the work TB did.

  4. This seemed less like a hit piece and more like a balanced report on the decline of YouTube, but hey OP it’s nice to see you’d rather white knight for your Tube idols than support fair criticism of a platform in serious trouble.

  5. Outrage clickbait is literally the the type of articles that generates the most revenue for mainstream internet “journalism” media such as Vice, Buzzfeed, Kotaku etc. Seems hypocritical to go after a (in comparison) small YouTuber instead of the real cancer of today’s internet.

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