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  1. The only time a legend of Link is ever told is in the intro in Wind Waker. And truly that’s a legend of a kingdom from long ago and the foul fate which befell it.

  2. What if it’s a long con? All the games form one giant story that is all about Zelda…

    Ah I got nothin’

  3. Because Zelda is the one with the power seal away Demise and Ganon. Ganondorf isn’t kidnapping Zelda because he wanna marry her like Bowser does, he kidnaps her in many games because he knows shes the only one who can destroy him and that killing her won’t do anything since she’ll reincarnate.

    In every game where Link defeat Ganon alone, he just resurect a year later even more powerful then before and we get a direct sequel. Zelda is the one stopping Ganon, Link can only delay him.

  4. Because the original creator, Miyamoto, like the creator of Pokemon was inspired by his explorations as a child. After hearing the author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s wife was named Zelda he thought it sounded pleasant and significant, naming the princess after her and titling the series Legend of Zelda. Also the character Link, though he was inspired by Peter Pan, is tied to princess Zelda throughout her various descendants. Plus in the entire series you’re able to name the save file, and your character, whatever you want. So for one person it’s Legend of Zelda: Adventures of Hubert, the next it’ll be Legends of Zelda: Adventures of Assy.

  5. What gets me is the “Legend” part. In the story of the original game, it’s not like “there is a legend of a stolen princess…” No, Ganon stole Zelda, like, the other day. A few years ago, maybe. It’s more like “The Current Events of Zelda.”

  6. Donkey Kong is named after the villain, Mario is named after the hero, so they decided to name Zelda after the princess.

  7. For the same reason that the stories of Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty aren’t called “that guy that came along”. Link is the playable character, but not the story’s overall central focus (although there’s probably a stronger argument to be made for any game that directly references the Triforce of courage).

    In any case, y’all need to play through AoL, in which Impa at least tries to explain the origins of the legend of Zelda.

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