Do video game villains interest you more than the heroes?

You know about this whole “main bad guy has no friends” cliche that we’ve seen a million times, just to create an easy foil for the main heroes and their so-called “power of friendship”? Because I know what base and army management games like Starcraft, Age of Empires, and Clash of Clans are like, that […]

what is a good city building game

hey guys i’m looking for a building game like a city building game or something similar, I am waiting for anno 1800 to be released yes i know its only like 10 days away or something but looking for something to feed my craving in the short term. I currently have played Cities: skylines, frostpunk, […]

What about gtx 1060 in Alienware M15???

coupled with 144 hz screen and 16 gigs of ram ,I just ordered it since it came in my budget ,but worrying about the things discussed here like it’s utter waste to buy a 1060 6 GB now ,go and buy 2060 rtx models ,I am looking for next 3 years gameplay will I be […]

Battlefront 2 (Proper)

Any one else just over flowing with joy since Xbox gave us good ol’ Battlefront 2 (2006) for free?? Done about 3 gactic conquests already. Understandable but a shame they couldn’t put it back online….EA THIS is a starwars game. Just perfection. For the Empire!! View Reddit by JackRayJenkins – View Source

Are there keyboards that are quiet when I type?

I play WoW as a healer and not gonna lie, it feels as if the neighbour below me can probably hear me. But the game is intense, you have to play quick and hard (lol) like most games. View Reddit by Sindravaska – View Source